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  1. pictures of your wheeler

    Well I took care of the 1 thing I didn't like. Hear are the Ricochet skids thatI went with.
  2. Tires??

    You may be able to get there faster on a sled but the tracks will handle deep snow better than any non-mountain sled. You can keep your sled for the 2-times a year they are worth owning.
  3. COD:W@W New Maps!!

    Level 13 thus far on the zombie map. Group together and the dogs are weak.
  4. Tires??

    RockyMountainATV has been real good to me. Check around you may be able to find a 10% off code.
  5. Tires??

    If the snow is too deep for the BigHorns then your machine is already going to get stuck high-centered. Realistically to go thru anymore snow than the Bighorns(aired down to 1-3 psi)will go thru you should consider tracks. For the average MN/WI user the BigHorns shine in all except for extreme mud.
  6. Tires??

    Big Horns are great tires and last a long time. We are running them on both of our machines.
  7. COD6 - Modern Warfare 2

    I wish this was out now since I am only working part-time right now. But I do have it pre-ordered/pre-paid already. Is it 11/10/2009 yet?
  8. New Winch?

    I would also recommend synthetic rope.
  9. New Winch?

    Warn XT...... Almost Everything non-warn is junk. The XT's also have a lifetime warranty.
  10. Riding???

    St. Croix trails out near Hinckley would be your best bet. We have been conidering heading over there tomorrow. Otherwise buy a WI trail pass for $38.50 and there are lots more options.
  11. Dual Registration for a Class II ATV

    The only reason for you to dual-register a Class II atv is if you intend to run Tracks on it, a track kit will change the designation from Class II to ORV, different regulations for each. Confused yet? MN has some Funky laws, every county will be different, LEO's and CO's individual interpretations may vary.
  12. Has anyone been riding?

    Haven't been out much. VERY dusty, but that's typically the riding in MN or WI. I may head out to St. Croix Sunday but not sure. Still debating the ATV parade as well, I would love to participate in both but it's too close to our trip ATV'ing in Wallace Idaho June 18th thru 28th. Any others considering a day trip up for the parade?
  13. Any other Polaris riders get an invite?

    Nope, got my rejection e-mail this morning. Probably my own fault, I should have opened up the times I was available.
  14. pictures of your wheeler

    Yes they are customs out of the Guru workshop. So far it seems to cool just fine. Higher radiator, 20% bigger a, and a better angle to keep the crud out of it. Seems to get airflow from the front and sides just fine. She will get her first real workout on a nice long trip in Idaho in a few short weeks.
  15. Found these pics on the web.