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  1. Bird habitat

    I'd wager that the GFP is working harder than ever to persuade private land owners to enter into the walk in program or attempt to enroll into various conservation programs. There are quite a few land owners out there who have attempted to enroll acres into programs, but unfortunately due acre caps, all but the very best scoring land is denied right now. Plus with the drought, we're seeing the disappearance of more heavy cover as waters continue to recede from sloughs and operators are able to convert once flooded land back to cropland. And it's no secret that we've lost a bazillion acres of wildlife habitat, but the drought really put a massive dent in chick recruitment early this summer. I have friends that work both for government agencies and private organizations involved with grassland habitat and they are honestly surprised that chick recruitment was as good as it was given what they were seeing in the field. But, the more habitat we have, the more we can bolster bird numbers over time and have a better "buffer" against weather conditions. So many are quick to throw blame at the GFP for something that they really cannot control.
  2. Bird habitat

    What can the GFP do different in regards to pheasant management?
  3. Bird habitat

    The birds seem to be doing good on food where we were hunting. Most had all soybeans in their crops. Lots of standing soybean stalks around wet spots that didn't get combined this fall, easy meals for the birds.
  4. Bird habitat

    hit some spots in eastern SD over the weekend. Had numerous flushes of 25-50 birds on public land. It's not all doom and gloom.
  5. Bird habitat

    That map is misleading, as we were in moderate drought up through august all the way to the MN border. Emergency grazing and haying of CRP/CREP was unfortunate for hunters, but it was needed for the producers. Land owners who enroll their land in WIA are getting paid very little. Many tracts only pay $1/acre. And on Waterfowl Production Areas, since those are managed for waterfowl, and we had drought, a lot of maintenance was able to be completed on them this summer. Mowing, bush hogging, and grazing all play a part in grassland management for ground nesting species.
  6. Non meandered waters

    Are you surprised there is an option for land owners to mark off their water within the bill? Look at the political climate in SD. Even on the democratic side, the representatives and senators are VERY pro-property rights. A few things to consider: This bill requires research, review, and public testimony in 2019 to determine the effectiveness of the bill This bill sunsets July 1 2021. If it turns out to be a bad bill, it's not permanent and we can work to get something better passed. Land owners cannot close water over their land to the public then turn around and charge a tresspass fee Land owners have to verify their property lines, and use defined and approved markers or buoys. Given the freeze/thaw cycles, they would likely have to place buoys every spring and stakes every winter. how many do you really think are going to go through the hassle, especially if they cannot profit from closing their access? Now, a few issues I see with this bill: No appeal process for the public to petition to re-open waters closed by land owners, no funding for increased GFP hours for publishing & updating maps, no funding for increased tresspass enforcement, no funding for water access leases or lakebed purchases. Is this bill the best thing going? No. Is it a good start? Yes.
  7. 4"-6" sucker minnows are turning walleyes on a lot of lakes right now. Seems to be an underutilized method lately.
  8. Big Push?

    Half the reason you see ducks around in MN after the season is closed, is because the season is closed. No pressure on the birds tends to allow them to stick around, instead of 37 flat bottoms mudding into every last bit of open water running the ducks off all to shoot some lawn darts and fishy ducks.
  9. 2016 sd Pheasant reports

    Hunted sunday, monday, tuesday. 4 man limits in 1-2 hours each day, plus some grouse. west of 281, north of 212. birds were flushing wild, but we had access to lots of small patches of heavy cover so there was always a few dozen birds that would hold and make for great points for the dogs. Never saw another group of hunters. I love hunting in cold weather.
  10. 2016 sd Pheasant reports

    finally feels like hunting season. Find a piece of ground with flattened grass and good cattail or brushy willow cover and getting birds is pretty easy. Knee boots pretty much a savior, been flushing plenty of birds in ankle deep water with the snowmelt and rain.
  11. Rental and or guide for sd ice fishing

    schmoe, seach facebook for "ice fishing south dakota" and join the group. Most of the reputable guys that rent shacks as well as guide are on that page. Post up your dates and what you are looking for and somebody should be able to help you out, but they are booking fast. We had a little trouble booking 2 houses capable of sleeping 6-8 total for a bachelor party in February, but were able to make it work.
  12. 2016 sd Pheasant reports

    Nice work on those yotes Rundrave.
  13. What to do if you were in this situation ?

    Document, call law enforcement, and don't retaliate. Or do the opposite. You're call. But meddle too much with his goings-on, and when you do actually get to the point of calling LEO, he may already have documented his shooting bench being run over on "his land", etc. and you'll have a much harder time proving you are in the right.
  14. two wires are for the relay coil, and two wires are for the relay contact. What model relay did you buy? I could probably find the wiring diagram for you. If there is a 5th wire it's an antenna wire for the transmitter. I'm on my third brand of "hsolist" relays for in my mojos, finally found a brand that works below 45 degrees and farther than 10 feet away. Say what you want about the cost of factory remotes, but I have 4 mojos with factory remotes and they outperform the 4 hsolist relays I have installed in my other 4 spinners in regards to distance. I do finally have all the 3rd party remote relays programmed to the same transmitter now, so only need to hang 2 transmitters off my lanyard, or 3 if I have the rotary machines up as well.
  15. Best bet is to call a few of the businesses in the area your crew will be staying. Other than that, you could listen to the weekly report from KWAT radio out of watertown,