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  1. Bird habitat

    That map is misleading, as we were in moderate drought up through august all the way to the MN border. Emergency grazing and haying of CRP/CREP was unfortunate for hunters, but it was needed for the producers. Land owners who enroll their land in WIA are getting paid very little. Many tracts only pay $1/acre. And on Waterfowl Production Areas, since those are managed for waterfowl, and we had drought, a lot of maintenance was able to be completed on them this summer. Mowing, bush hogging, and grazing all play a part in grassland management for ground nesting species.
  2. Another speaker question

    Speakers need enclosures to get that full range sound.
  3. Non meandered waters

    Are you surprised there is an option for land owners to mark off their water within the bill? Look at the political climate in SD. Even on the democratic side, the representatives and senators are VERY pro-property rights. A few things to consider: This bill requires research, review, and public testimony in 2019 to determine the effectiveness of the bill This bill sunsets July 1 2021. If it turns out to be a bad bill, it's not permanent and we can work to get something better passed. Land owners cannot close water over their land to the public then turn around and charge a tresspass fee Land owners have to verify their property lines, and use defined and approved markers or buoys. Given the freeze/thaw cycles, they would likely have to place buoys every spring and stakes every winter. how many do you really think are going to go through the hassle, especially if they cannot profit from closing their access? Now, a few issues I see with this bill: No appeal process for the public to petition to re-open waters closed by land owners, no funding for increased GFP hours for publishing & updating maps, no funding for increased tresspass enforcement, no funding for water access leases or lakebed purchases. Is this bill the best thing going? No. Is it a good start? Yes.
  4. How close???

    Put 4 houses with SD registrations grouped tight together out on Bitter or Waubay on a Thursday and see how many MN registered houses are right next to them by Saturday afternoon. Happens every weekend. We've done it just for laughs...set our wheel houses in 2' of water on Bitter and had 10-15 non residents come into the area and set up without even checking the depth. What's even more fun is tightly clustering portables similar in model as the ones used by a well known guide service. Guys get their Iowa fish finders out and see that cluster of portables and think "XXX guide service must be on the perch there." you can have 20 new neighbors real fast doing that.
  5. 4"-6" sucker minnows are turning walleyes on a lot of lakes right now. Seems to be an underutilized method lately.
  6. Transporting ice rods and storage

    Same one I use.
  7. Propane auger

    I wouldn't consider 8 pounds more being a "heavy beast." Electrics certainly will have their place, I see them consistently gaining market share with the wheel house crowd. Unless you were referring to the drill plates or k drills?
  8. Accessing "private" lakes

    What starts out as a few people accessing legally and respectfully, always eventually attracts the slobs, doesn't matter if it's a slough in Day County, or a big lake like Poinsett, or Upper Red, or wherever. Slobs do what slobs do...ruin things for the rest of us. It's the same reason land owners now mow their ditches here in SD. Or now post all of their land in ND. We as sportsmen continually sit back and do little to nothing to police our activities. Sure we pick up the occasional bait container or beer can from a fishing spot or shoreline, but why aren't we lobbying for tougher laws for tresspassing? Poaching? Littering? We are our own worst enemies.
  9. Slip slidin' away...

    Do you use the teflon glide in lieu of ski wax? or do you put it ontop of an existing layer of wax?
  10. Propane auger

    Have used a PRO4 and HC40 side by side this winter and I like the Eskimo better. Both fire right up and both cut great, but the Eskimo doesn't throw shavings out as much as the jiffy. I'll be ditching my Clam Edge and picking up an HC40 sometime this winter.
  11. Wheel House Security

    I learned 16 years ago when we built our first wheel house...if you don't want it messed with, don't leave it on the lake. Sooner or later something will happen if you leave it unattended; unfortunately thats the nature of the beast.
  12. What to sell an old Marcum VX-1 for?

    Still have it? I might be interested in picking it up for a spare...I'm in SF.
  13. Your take on glow jigs?

    Minnesota company too.
  14. Thoughts on the Clam Gear Box?

    True, but at the same time, they do put their brand on some items of questionable quality, like the two packs of LED hand held lights with the hooks and magnets on them, as well as those fan/light combos that you can hang in the shacks just to name a few items that I've seen numerous people have issues with. Clam would do just fine without having to rebrand some of the chinese stuff like the lights. Shacks and major shack accessories, along with the tackle, I'll continue to buy, but when you go to return a fan and the guy at scheels says "yeah we get a lot of these returned" it does make you wonder why not stick to the stuff that they do well.
  15. Thoughts on the Clam Gear Box?

    I think he's referring to the downturn in quality (perceived or real), not the customer service.