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  1. Gopher radio broadcast

    Who carries Gopher mens basketball on the radio? WCCO? I can't find a local affiliate that carries them. I haven't had any luck finding them online without paying some coin.
  2. Cherry beers

    Lienie's Berry Weiss
  3. Acewipe Yankees get Texierra

    Well MLB is exempt from anti-trust it really isn't a free market so to speak. The Yanks have to cough up $26.9 mil for revenue sharing. How much do the Twins receive? Hint: It ain't enough to sign any of these inflated salaries the Yankees are paying. Everyone likes to comment the Yankees haven't won it all in several years spending the coin. Well, the Twins haven't won it all in 17 years without spending any money either. It is six of one and half a dozen of the other, but I still like the Yankees chances better than the Twins. The Yanks can DIAF!
  4. Acewipe Yankees get Texierra

    Anyone think baseball's salary structure is FUBAR? *raises hand*
  5. How much do you think its worth????

    I have been away from the collecting scene for many years. I don't see how a ball signed by a bunch scrubs and one solid pitcher could be worth $50 or more. I would guess around the $20 range. Doesn't memorabilia need to by verified now days (such as a picture of the player signing) due to so much fraud? BTW, I have a Dan Gladden autograph on a Stite Light Alumabottle. Any idea what that could fetch?
  6. I could live with this lineup....

    Would you say Brady is a steroid guy?
  7. I could live with this lineup....

    Dunn is a windmill
  8. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    You forgot how the Mets stole Santana from us. There is no way we received even equal value for Santana. Re: Lohse He needed to be kicked to the curb. He seemed to have good stuff, but still couldn't pitch.
  9. CC Sabathia

    This is why baseball is broke. I hate salary caps, but I think it is time for baseball to have one. The new Twins stadium ain't gonna do Shiite for the Twins ability to sign or retain players.
  10. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Bill Smith hasn't made a good move yet. Punto isn't an everyday player. Never has been and never will be. He belongs on the bench in a utility role.
  11. Anne Hutchinson????

    She was hawt until the ring appeared on her finger.
  12. Butt Out Tool

    How do you get the twisted azz off the tool?
  13. Earlier this week, I heard on a Breezy Point radio station the shooter has 5 DUIs since 1993 and admitted to drinking prior to the accident. When news of this hunting accident first broke, I felt sorry for the shooter. I have since changed my opinion due to the past drinking convictions and admission of drinking prior to hunting. I agree with the get a rope mentality. Drinking and hunting should be mutually exclusive. Edit: Anyone able to confirm the DUIs convictions? I heard it on the radio, but have not been able to confirm it on the televised news, Internet, newspapers, etc.
  14. Wolves on the Radio in Brainerd?

    How about 1340 or 1380? <off topic> Is Bear Facts and Fish Tales still syndicated in Brainerd? 1270/95.9 used to carry it. I enjoyed listening to that show on Sundays evenings, but can't find it on the dial anymore. </off topic>
  15. Door for dog house

    Quote: I ordered a nest box heater from a company called Bass Equipment Company. It was the only one I could find that was solid metal and I wasn't afraid the dog would chew through it. It is also very cheap...<$30. So it costs a lot less than most others also. It stays at something like 102 degrees which is a dogs temp, so it never gets to warm, just gives them something to lay on that won't drain warmth out of them. Screwed it to his kennel floor and have had no problems. Very good product for the money. Thanks for the info