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  1. Frozen shack

    What do you think of 100 grams of pyrodex with a 405 grain round in the .50 cal muzzy? If my buddy does shoot out his shack, I will be standing on the other side of the pickup with eye protection. I might wear a cup too.
  2. Frozen shack

    My knucklehead buddy didn't block his 8x8 quasi skid house high enough. With the weekend rain and now cold temps, it is permanently secured in place on the lake. What is the preferred caliber for breaking a shack lose? What is the best angle to shoot the ice to get maximum explosion?
  3. Smoking Tullibee

    Smoked tullies are da bomb. Every man should have a smoker in their arsenal. My allegiance lies with the Weber Smokey Mountain especially with the price of pork being so low. It is a Weber which speaks for itself. Find a good brine recipe (I am having problems finding my go to brine) and smoke them for a few hours.
  4. Linux anyone? I haven't tried to load it on Ubuntu yet.
  5. Gopher radio broadcast

    Who carries Gopher mens basketball on the radio? WCCO? I can't find a local affiliate that carries them. I haven't had any luck finding them online without paying some coin.
  6. Little Rock Water

    Any pics?
  7. best ice fishing gloves

    Go with the cotton/wool half-finger with flip over mitt. Keep them out of the water and snow though.
  8. Stuck in the Slush - A Little Help??

    I think one of the last times I helped a guy ice fishing, I dropped the tongue of his wheel house on his hand. I was in my perm shack and saw him struggling to get his small-ish wheel house hooked onto his wheeler. I go out to help him. The wheel house was very tongue heavy. Did I mention the ice was extremely slick? We get the house lifted to set it on a block of wood. I slip on the ice and drop the tongue. It was too much for one man to lift, so he ended up with a smashed hand. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a couple of broken fingers out of that deal.
  9. Best tips or product to charge glow lures

    I often use my digital camera's flash.
  10. lowrance XOG

    Search this section of the forum. There was discussion regarding the XOG a week or two ago.
  11. Thanks for the input *goes back to the drawing board*
  12. With a Honda generator in hand, I am getting ready for the Zombiepocalypse. Correct me if I am wrong if I want to back feed power to my house: 1. I can flip off the main circuit breaker in my panel to turn my house off the grid. 2. I can flip off all circuit breakers for my house except the one I would like to power via my generator. 3. I can connect my generator by using a male-to-male plug to an outlet on the open/live circuit in my house. You following me? Will this work? Is this safe?
  13. Per the owner's manual, the oil specs for a Honda 2000i are as follows: 10W-30 for temps warmer than -5*F 5W-30 for temps cooler than 30*F Do you change the oil based on the season/temp? Do run the same weight of oil year around? I just purchased a 2000i for the fish house and for the inevitable Zombiepocalypse. I doubt I will run my generator very much during the year. I prefer not to change the oil every season especially if I only run it a couple times or even less. I am thinking of running 5W-30 year around, but also want opinions.
  14. Cherry beers

    Lienie's Berry Weiss
  15. Fish Trap Guide Question

    Bench seats when folded down will be a lot lower compared to boat style seats when transporting the shanty. I have seen some shanties with boat seats that barely fit into a pickup with a topper on it. Something to think about....