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  1. Tagged out in nd

    Looks like a good buck to me Scoot, not many that big where I hunt in WI to be honest and I'd be hard pressed to let him walk even if I knew a bigger one might be in the area.
  2. I generally cut them up either the same day or next, and let the meat sit in the garage fridge until I can work through it all over the next few days.
  3. Morgan's first deer

    Good stuff Scoot! Congratulations to you and your daughter!
  4. Montana 2017

    Did you guys get caught in any of the snow that blew through? The week I was supposed to go to Idaho was blizzard conditions and barely huntable. Very tough conditions and no elk shot for the guys I know that were out there. Very dry conditions too leading up to the blizzards, elk not in usual areas, etc. Makes me not feel so bad about missing out on going this year.
  5. Camp Ripley ?

    I read on another forum that 41 deer were shot as of mid-day the second day. Didn't sound like any really big bucks were taken.
  6. "Rough" Grouse

    Population is up in NW WI where I hunt public land for deer. I see grouse every time I go to deer stands or scouting, which is much improved over even a couple years ago. I just can't get one to stand still for a bow shot, they are very skittish over there.
  7. Rut Activity Thread 2017

    NW Wisconsin public land. New scrapes started appearing mid last week. A couple were freshly hit on Sunday when I was out. None were very big. Interestingly I did see a small 6pt buck in the open at lunch time while I was scouting spots, and based on the direction he was going he was working his way to a logging road that had a scrape and tracks on it.
  8. I have never rifle hunted for elk, only archery a bunch of times. I would expect Colorado first rifle season to be crowded with other hunters. Hopefully the weather is OK. Here are some general elk tips in no particular order. * Keep a close eye on the weather and be ready to bail out if snow/rain is coming. You could get stuck for days if you don't get out ahead of it. Make sure you have a set of tire chains. * Bring a set of tools to work on your vehicle if it breaks down, and have a plan on how to get towed out if needed. (I've been there...) * Bring extra propane as it is later in the year now in case you need it to keep warm, cook, etc. * Bring 2+ pairs of boots. * Bring cold weather / survival gear. Don't expect the forecast to be right, especially at elevation. * Expect it to take a couple days for your body to get acclimated to the elevation. Your first day you will suck air... * Elk can be shot close to the road, you don't have to hike miles back to find elk. * Use your binoculars whenever possible, don't feel like you have to walk miles and miles to locate elk. * Locate elk, then hunt elk. You could go days between seeing elk depending on how things pan out. * Have plan A/B/C for different areas to hunt, move if you aren't seeing elk or there are just too many people. * Bring a big map to find new areas if needed mid-hunt. * Don't shoot an elk in a place you can't pack it back out of. * Make sure you have at least some sort of a paper map and compass while in the mountains and a plan to get out if lost or turned around. Your cell phone will probably die or not even work for most of the hunt due to poor service and cold killing the battery. Also have some survival gear in case you get stuck somewhere over night. Fire, food, water, tarp. * Don't start any new forest fires, they already have too many out west this year.
  10. Wisconsin Public Deer Hunting

    Deer numbers on PUBLIC land in NW WI are very low. Private land seems to be the opposite. I hunt a number of public areas in Polk County for the last ~10 years or so. You have to work pretty hard to shoot a deer there. MFL land is also heavily hunted, but there are lots of opportunities. Once you learn an area you might do alright, but it is tough if you are new to the region. Don't expect to get permission to hunt on any farms, in my experience they are all tied up for friends/family.
  11. Lyme Disease, aka Borrelia burgdorferi

    Scoot, I don't know yet. Had the first of two "thyroid scan and update" tests done today at the hospital, going in again tomorrow. Symptoms all started at the same time as Lyme, so I figure it must be linked.
  12. Lyme Disease, aka Borrelia burgdorferi

    Blood tests are coming back and I can see them online. Have not talked to the doctor yet, but my aunt is a doc and has given me some insight into this. Anyway, my thyroid is not behaving properly and it looks like hyperthyroidism. Extremely low TSH, and high T4. Some connection to lyme from what I'm reading. No meds for it yet, waiting for a call back from my doctor. Symptoms line up with what I've been experiencing though.
  13. Lyme Disease, aka Borrelia burgdorferi

    Well my most recent doctor visit has not yielded any new information. The lyme symptoms will probably last a while, I should go back in if they persist by end of July. The steroid cream cleared up the rash on my chest and shoulders in about 24 hours. They took more blood samples to check for anything else that might be going on.
  14. Lyme Disease, aka Borrelia burgdorferi

    Yea, I knew about the sun exposure risk. I made sure to have sunscreen on any time I was outdoors while on the meds, and limited the time exposed. On Monday I'll see what this other doc says about the rash. Maybe she can tell me if a delayed reaction is normal or not... I've read online that some people have this issue after being treated for Lyme. My hope is to get in touch with an infectious disease specialist to see what they think.
  15. Lyme Disease, aka Borrelia burgdorferi

    Frustrating road to recovery here. Doxy went fine, but near the end I was getting nauseous after taking it. Low energy during workouts is very frustrating. I feel good when I start, but get drained fast. Now I formed an rash across my upper body that the doctor does not think is related to lyme, but I've read online about people having similar issues. She thinks it is a heat reaction, since it flares up after a hard bike ride or sometimes after a shower, but I am skeptical as I have never had anything like it before. Starting a stronger topical steroid to see if it helps before I have another doctor visit on Monday morning.... She doubts any other tick-borne diseases because the Doxycycline should have taken care of all of them... If anyone knows a tick disease specialist in the MSP area, let me know. My primary care provider, and the urgent care place I use, both do not have anyone that specializes in this.