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  1. What is a reasonable price for a dog???

    I have a GSP right now, he is a great birdy dog. Not typical of the breed as far as dispostion goes. Meaning not so hyper. He is usally with me all the time. I bring him to work and he does great in the Job site. His only flaw, he does not like water period. Years ago I dabbled a bit in showing dogs. I had a German wirehaired pointers. They are a true versitile hunting dog. Point and retreive, and they love the water as much as any lab I have seen. They handle the Winters up here very well. I would reccomend that breed to anyone, they make great family pets as well. and will always try to claim the couch or the bed for their own!
  2. new Mn anti gun law proposal™™™™

    Right it is illeagal to own an assult rifle unless you have a special Federal permit. An assult rifle is not determined by what it looks like. it is determined by it's operation. To answer your question as simple as possible. an assult rifle is fully auto matic or can fire burst rounds. More then one round per pull of the trigger. So by the definition they are labeling on assult rifle. A pump shotgun with a Pistol grip would be Ileagal. If it is not bolt action, over and under side by side, can hold more then 10 rounds, has a pistol grip on it. it will be unlawful to have one. Doesn't matter, the 2nd amendment is my right to own any gun that is made. I reccomend to those that might not understand the true intent of the constitution to read the Federalist Papers that has just been released. Once the 2nd amendment falls all the other will fall shortly there after. You are only kidding yourself if you think it can't happen.
  3. Big Buddy Mr. Heater

    I have had great luck with the heaters new out of the Box. but I have found with the Buddy and The Big Buddy, they just don't seem to have endurance I am sending my Big Buddy in to get fixed. but because i have had it for 4 years i will have to pay for parts and labor. if it totals more then 119.00 bucks i may just throw it as well. I do like the Big Buddy in my Otter lodge better then a Sunflower heater. But I will have to say i have never has a problem with the Sunflower that I could not fix. ( mainly I replaced a thermo coupler once) So out of 5 stars I would give it 2 1/2 stars!
  4. 2009 Yamaha 450 Grizzly

    I have a 2009 450 Griz as well. there is a post on here with pics. I moved to Wyoming, Laramie to be exact. I take her up into the snowy Range Mountains, I have ridden it in elv. of 10,000 feet and it ran great. I am a big guy, 6'2" 260 pounds and get a top speed of 46 MPH. thats in Two wheel drive. I am going to put a plow on it. cause we have already gotten a few Snow storm thru here for the year.
  5. I transplanted myself to Nebraska from Minnesota. I moved here almost a year ago. due to getting laid off, I extended my search for employment out of the state of Minnesota. I landed in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska. But Ideally centrally located around some Popular fishing holes in Nebraska. I will be finishing up the project i am working on in July. At that time i will be moving to Wyoming. Which i look forward to. I enjoy Hunting. and look forward to both the archery and Firearms seasons for Elk, Mule and whitetail deer, Antelope. Maybe even some Mountain Lions.
  6. Is that near the Halsey Area? I am being told by one of the guys that work for me that there are lots of birds in that area. Hunt down by the River area, They usually roost or nest not far from the river. If this is not the area. I guess i am not much help. When you Mention Pine Ridge, first thing that comes to mind is the Indian Reservation. But that is north and west of Valentine. Goes into South Dakota and well as Nebraska.
  7. who uses flourocarbon leaders??

    I do the same as Perchjerker, only I use a double barrel swivel.
  8. 2008 Yamaha Grizzly with Maxxis Bighorns

    Awesome looking tires!
  9. coyote hunting newbie

    I'm actually gonna start using my .270. Reloads using the Hornady 100 grain bullet. Have not tried it yet, but looking forward to it.
  10. My New ATV

    Thanks, Looking forward to getting alot of use out of it.
  11. First Time ATV Buyer Help

    I had gotten same advice from Friends like BobT is advising. But due to the fact of too much Uncertainty, I decided to Buy new. Now I will be the first to admit I don't know what is best for the use you are descibing. I do know that Yamaha is running some super deals right now on getting an ATV . No matter if you are looking at 350 up to the 750. I have no doubt the others do to. I would look at their programs and see if the financing is something that you might be able to swing to get a new Machine with a warranty.
  12. what size tires?

    This might be a silly Question, but I am sure it's the same as with a Truck. If you go with a larger tire then what it ws stocked with. Then don't you get inaccurate Speed and Distance readings on the Speedometer, odometer? SO with taht, there must be a way to recalibrate as well?
  13. Favre retires..........again!

    Who cares............. I believe he showed is true colors last year. Have little respect for this guy now.
  14. My New ATV

    Thanks, I got the winch for it as well, part of the promotion they were running, for only 79.00
  15. My New ATV

    Chuckles, Thanks!