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  1. Athens Bows

    Anyone see the new 2017 Athens Archery bows? The Revelation looks sexy and fast!
  2. Boar SCORES!!

    Sweet!! Congrats!
  3. First Bear!

    Already had bear steaks and burgers! Man, it's good. I cut it up like a deer, following the muscle. Ground up some and left the others for steaks.
  4. I haven't duck hunted in many years and took my 12 year old son out for his first time last year. I just called and let him shoot. It's fun to watch them actually respond to your calling. I'll be taking him again this year to see if he can bag a nice woodie. I now have on my lanyard a Carlson (dealer version), retired my Big Guy's Best with a Zink's ATM, put together a poly end Southern Game with a no name wooden barrel and somehow the Hunters Specialties still is hanging there. Retired now are: Ken Martin (Olive Branch), Big Guys Best, Paul Englund along with some other cheaper ones.
  5. Just curious what everyone is using for duck calls these days?
  6. Broadheads: Mechanical or fixed?

    I've shot deer with both mechanicals and fixed and killed deer/bear/turkey with them but for the last several years it's just been Slick Trick Magnums in 100 grains. They hit exactly like my field points and have very good blood trails. Just keeping it simple these days.
  7. First Bear!

    This was my first black bear, taken in MN on opener, using an Athens Ace bow. I shot it around 7 and we didn't find blood right away since I saw my shot was a little lower than I wanted. The next morning we tracked it and found it 100 yards from the bait site. There was plenty of blood after 7-10 yards and was easy tracking. I didn't get a weight on him but he's definitely a big guy. Not sure if I should do a rug or 3/4 mount yet.
  8. Tips on Waconia

    It's probably been 3-4 years and I'm still struggling to land my first muskie. I will be trying out Waconia this weekend. Any tips on lures, size, colors in the early part of the season?
  9. if you're looking to get the best opportunity for kids to shoot ducks, I highly recommend looking at the MN Young Waterfowlers Program thru the MWA. This is a FREE opportunity to learn duck ID, gun safety, hunting safety and to hunt down in the refuge where it is normally no hunting. You need to take the online firearm safety and then attend the meetings. They will provide a mentor for you and your child on the hunt day also. They also will provide gear if you need it. It is held at the Carver Rapids education center. My son got to shoot his first ducks this year and he's hooked. They also went thru pheasant hunt safety, deer hunting safety, etc. Very well run and hands-on as well as classroom trainings.
  10. Brand Wars...what ya got?!?!?!

    Athens Accomplice primary, Oneida Aeroforce for going retro, Mathews MQ32 still hanging out. Picked up a Bear Grizzly recurve but have yet to master this.
  11. Where around Shakopee??

    cool, thanks Elwood
  12. Where around Shakopee??

    Trying to get into bowfishing. Just picked up an AMS reel and put it on an oneida. Where can I go around shakopee? (Places that doesn't require a boat). Thanks
  13. After calling Oneida, they still manufacture their bows but there doesn't seem to be a dealer in MN. I'm interested in buying one and would like to shoot one first. Also if their needs to be any maintenance work, is there a shop that works on these bows. So does anyone know of a place? Thanks, in advance.
  14. Renzo decoys

    Has anyone have success using Renzo decoys for bow hunting? I used mine last year but it seemed to spook deer.
  15. Fish Finder

    Thanks for all the input. I'll check out Gander this weekend.