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  1. Years ago I could not afford alot of ice fishing gear but a couple tip ups and some minnows were within my means. I found this way of preparing Pike worked well for me and the kids loved it. Here goes, Filet the fish anyway you want, don't worry about the "y" bones. Cut the meat into chunks and boil till it is flakey. Dry the chunks and put into a bowl and chill. Whisk the fish with a fork, the "y" bones will float to the top. Grab the bones and keep whisking. Cut up some onions, celery, and green pepper into small bits and add to the fish. Add egg and some breadcrumbs and form into patties. Coat with more breadcrumbs and panfry. Serve on a bun or like crabcakes. Kids love em. Enjoy
  2. Kurt Busch Fired!

    Just sittin here thinking......Kurt is out of work, Kyle's ride is shaky at best. Red Bull team is for sale......What if the Busch boys put their money together and made an offer?
  3. Shot distances?

    I practice to 40 and hunt to 20. I have never shot a deer further than 25 yrds. Most are inside 15.
  4. How many deer stands do you own?

    i'm with Harvey, not really sure how many are still in the woods, somewhere between 15-20. All are hangons and we have 4 ladders and 2 climbers and a couple ground blinds.
  5. Free entertainment center

  6. Come and get it. It's already in the garage so no problem getting it to your truck. Call me 612-390-1766 DON'T post questions here. I am in Stillwater.
  7. Favorite Driver?

    Mark (the kid) Martin, the classiest driver out there.
  8. The more I see Edwards....

    It is no secret that Brad is an agressive driver. Like him or not, it is what it is. Knowing that, why would Carl expect him to lift to let him in? That was his first mistake. It would'nt be so bad but he wrecked the 20 car in the process. After being down 160 laps he intentionally takes out a top 10 car. If you want payback wait till Bristol. Or "discuss it by hand" in the pits after the race. Don't tear up a bunch of cars and maybe hurt someone. It will be interesting to see what NASCAR decides to do. They are the ones that wanted to turn the drivers loose.
  9. $430 million Minnesota racing complex ???

    Aint history cool. The track had a lot of problems. It was the first track built with concrete and they did not use any rebar. It was a real disaster. The owner owed everybody money including some of the racers that never got paid. In 1915 Barney Oldfield and Eddy Rickenbacker raced at the track, pretty big names of the era. The airfield was known as Speedway Airfield for years until renamed Wold/Chamberlin after 2 WWI pilots that were killed in the War. Try doing a search on google about the track, there are alot of old photos and information. Sorry Limit, did not mean to jack your thread, a new track would be great for the area, hope it happens.
  10. $430 million Minnesota racing complex ???

    Here is a bit of history for you. In the early 1900's a race track was built at the site of the Mpls/St.Paul airport. It was considered a "sister" track to the Brickyard. In those days airplanes did not have radios and used the infield to land their planes. The track was so big that the pilots could see it from 50 miles away on a clear day. The track was mainly constructed of wood and at some point there was a huge fire that pretty much destroyed everything. At it's heyday of early motor sports there were 2 big races, Indy on Memorial Day, and the Minnesota track on Labor Day. I found an old picture of the track. After the fire the track was never rebuilt, but the airplanes kept using the site.
  11. JR ?????? !!!!!!!!!!

    I am not a huge JR fan but he always seems to drive clean and I respect the man for that. All of the drivers are under a huge amount of pressure to perform well on the track. With JR it seems he is always under the microscope, personally I could'nt live like that.
  12. 48 CHEATS

    It's only 'cheatin' after you get caught. before that it's called a competitive edge.
  13. 48 CHEATS

    thanks Cowboy, we would read the rules and it was'nt forbidden we would do it. At tech inspection we would be told it was'nt right. We could run that week but next week it had to be changed. So, we told a bunch of other racers that we were told what ever we were doing was ok. Next week they all had the same setup. The tech inspectors had to let us run or send us all home. And the game starts over....and over. pretty soon all the cars are illegal but pretty much equal.
  14. 48 CHEATS

    My brothers and I ran dirt track cars for years, we all cheated. If you wern't cheatin, you wern't fast. everyone cheated. Some just did it beter than others. Here's a few well known well NASCAR cheats. In October 1983 in Charlotte, Petty scored his 198th career victory. Afterward, the engine was found to measure 382 cubic inches, well over the maximum of 358. The left-side and right-side tires were also on the wrong sides of the car. Petty was allowed to keep the win but was docked 104 points and fined $35,000. There also were questions the following July 4 at Daytona Beach, Fla., when Petty scored his 200th win. Ronald Reagan became the first sitting president to watch a NASCAR race in person, and some wondered whether Petty was allowed to keep his victory that day as well because it was such a momentous day for NASCAR. Smokey Yunick might have been NASCAR's most fabled “innovator.” In 1966, he created a Chevy Chevelle that was a perfect seventh-eighths scale of the real thing – a car that led NASCAR to rewrite its rule book and inspection procedures. But it was five years earlier, shortly after NASCAR adopted the foam fuel cell, that Yunick created his biggest stir. NASCAR was monitoring the mileage of each car. When Yunick's driver kept getting 10 more laps than the nearest car in practice, he was summoned for an inspection. Although the officials found nothing, they removed the fuel cell from Yunick's car for further inspection. Incensed, Yunick got in the car and drove it away. He was running gas through the roll cage. Junior Johnson rivaled Yunick as an “innovator.” In 1966, he created a Ford Galaxie called the “Yellow Banana,” perhaps the most famous cheater car in NASCAR history. Johnson whacked four inches off the top, angled the windshield and raised the car's trunk to help with rear down force. The changes curved the body like a banana. Strangely, it passed inspection for its first – and only – race. Before the 1976 Daytona 500, A.J. Foyt, Darrell Waltrip and Dave Marcis qualified 3 mph faster than the rest of the field. Foyt was discovered to be injecting nitrous oxide into his engine. Bobby Allison won the 1982 Daytona 500 minus his rear bumper, which flew off the car after minor contact a few laps into the race. However, tests showed the Buicks ran faster and handled better without the weight and aerodynamic drag of the big rear bumper. It was alleged that Nelson designed the bumper to fall off at the first hint of contact. NASCAR once weighed the cars including such items as the driver's helmet, water bottle and radio. Darrell Waltrip's crew replaced those accessories with ones made of lead for the weigh-in, then subbed them with the real helmet, bottle and radio before the start – saving Waltrip 150 pounds. Also, Waltrip's crew would fill a frame rail with lead bird shot, which would roll out of the car during the race. In 1965, Buddy Baker bought a car from Cotton Owens nicknamed the “Old Goat.” The car had been one of the favorites of the legendary David Pearson. When Baker started taking the car apart, he discovered an auxiliary fuel tank hidden inside the rear wheel well.
  15. My son has a ceramic ventless heater in his wheelhouse. I get headaches from it as well as a real iritated throat. other people say they are fine, I guess we are just sensitive to it.