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  1. minnbowhunter

    Wheelhouse Pivot Grease

    I have had my pivots rust to the point where I had to cut them off and build new ones (my fault). I no longer trust the grease zerks, they just don't get grease all the way around like they should. I take the pivots off the axle stubs and clean and regrease with a combination of lithium grease and anti-seize compound. Its takes a little work but my axles work great.
  2. minnbowhunter

    Bobber stops

    I have decided that this is the year that I will solve the problem I have with bobber stop knots not staying where I want them on the line. I have always used the pre-knotted ones one the little plastic tubes, sometimes they work fine, most of the time I am constantly adjusting the knot. I have heard of people making their own with dental floss, and have seen a style that is plastic and looks like a tiny dogbone with holes in the ends. Anyone got any fool proof methods?
  3. minnbowhunter

    Ice fishing prints.

    I met Ken a few years ago, nice guy. Interesting tidbit for you, Ken hides his wifes name in all of his prints. Diane is somewhere in all his work.
  4. minnbowhunter

    Be careful with propane

    The fire erupted in the attached garage at 2526 Elmcroft Drive S.W. when the leaking propane contacted a heater in the garage as the man was working with portable propane cylinders, getting ready for an ice fishing excursion, Belau said. The flash fire quickly involved the leaking cylinder itself, accelerated by the increasing flow of propane gas. This is a quote from the article. where is the part that says there was refilling involved. I have never tried to refill a 1 pounder, I bought one of the adapters years ago just in case I needed it but never had a reason to use it. I have had brand new tanks leak, like everyone said, when I removed a partial tank from a stove or lantern. Glad no one was hurt.
  5. minnbowhunter

    anyone not use minnows much?

    lots of good info here guys, thanks but I find it odd that no one has mentioned the Gulp products. I have tried them with pretty good results.
  6. minnbowhunter

    What made you purchase your auger size?

    I use a 10, 'cause they don't make a 12......yet
  7. minnbowhunter

    How often do you upgrade your auger??

    I had S/M MagnumIII that was at least 20 years old. It was still running great till the night it was stolen on N. Center Lake a couple years ago. Bought a Lazer to replace it, still wish I had that old dog back. And would like to try it out on the punk that stole it.
  8. minnbowhunter

    Ice house siding

    I have an older Ice Castle with the vinyl siding. It gets super brittle in the cold, and can crack. I would say it works but would put aluminum at least part way up in the front to protect from damage on the road. A chunk of ice coming off a rear tire will put a hole in the vinyl. To be honest mine has held up better than I thought it would, but I have had to repair some damage.
  9. minnbowhunter

    Bite isn't that great...

    Goo, I know alot of guys that have the same thoughts about C/O's that you do. I respect that, It's your opinion. I have let wardens into my fishhouse every time they have asked. They've checked my boat for safety equip. and PFDs. Never ran into one that came across as a stormtrooper. A few years back I had a ticket coming for expired license on my ATV. My fault, no excuses. Got a verbal reminder and a good luck fishing from him. Just like MOST traffic cops, you treat them with respect, you get the same thing back.
  10. minnbowhunter

    Prayers for Jim Hudson right now!

    Prayers sent
  11. minnbowhunter

    Wheelhouse Experts HELP

    My house has a ton of tongue weight, I always move all of my heavy gear to the rear of the house to help offset the weight. My house is 16 ft long and with a 230lb guy standing at the rear of the house with the wheels down, 2 guys still can't lift the tongue by hand.
  12. minnbowhunter

    Bite isn't that great...

    I might be way off base here but I remember hearing that fish can be tested to prove what body of water they came from. The burden of proof will rest with the state. I have been in the same position, never worried about it. Game wardens are not dummies, they are way to busy to try and trap people with legal limits.
  13. minnbowhunter

    Tip ups for Dummies

    The beaver dams have a light and a heavy side on the shaft that trips the flag. Use the heavy side for bigger minnows. You will still get a few minnow trips, just the nature of the beast. I run braided dacron all the way to the swivel, and I do use a quickstrike rig. I don't fish walleyes with tip ups but that's just me. Splitshot goes about 18 inches above the bait. I do use a steel leader for pike. Good luck, enjoy. There is an art to know when to set the hook on a running fish.
  14. minnbowhunter

    Wheel house heater

    I think most of the vented heaters can be fitted with an optional blower fan.
  15. minnbowhunter

    The simple & useful tips thread for ice fishing...

    Thats Crazy, I could never get my ex-wife to fish with me. If you say, "hey honey, toss me a beer, get ready to duck bro.