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  1. Turkey talk and a little strutting

    The number of poults I have seen is mind boggling! I just hope some of them jakes turn into toms next spring. I will take The first turkey that gives me a good shot this fall.
  2. Grass Drags and Swap meets 2017

    Never been to the outlaw grass drags and it's 3 miles from my house. How is it?
  3. Turkey talk and a little strutting

    Can't wait to hunt turkeys this fall
  4. Looking for a new puppy

    I got them all thanks guys
  5. Otter fishhouse

    I am Trying to get em guys but help me out by letting me know when ya see em
  6. Looking for a new puppy

    Working on it Zach
  7. This One Time

    Did that kill the old guy?
  8. Any companies making a 10in hand auger?

    My uncle has one of those rare 10 inch mora hand augers. He uses it when he goes into the bwca for lake trout. I will see if any of his buddies want to sell theirs. You could use a strike master laser 10 inch for a gas auger I tried my 8 inch on my clam drill plate and it works fine you would want to clear the shavings out often in thicker ice.
  9. 2017 Grouse Survey Is Out

    We can dream
  10. Craving first ice

    I speared in the past but have not since my grandpa passed away
  11. Fishin report for Lake Iwanttobethere..

    Just happy to see you back here Bobby
  12. Craving first ice

    I am ready for first ice as well. I might even try my luck at spearing
  13. Mille Lacs.....

    The large walleyes eat the small ones
  14. 2017 Hunting Regs?

    Mn dnr site, click on hunting then click on deer and bingo there it is
  15. 2017 Hunting Regs?

    It's posted on the DNR site