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  1. There has to be a way to reduce it
  2. I was getting about 25 holes with my 3 amp hour battery. I should have entered the race with Rick g and eyeguy I think ricks kdrill would still won. I can say the area we fished is now Swiss cheese. I burned through 2 batteries and had full one to spare. I will say the kdrill is impressive but the slush left by eyeguy nils wow. I will take my clamplate and auger any day over that. I know eyeguy was working reducing the slush left in the hole but the holes Rick and I cut you could fish in with ease.
  3. Tea

    Grouse love the berries as well
  4. That tops a whooper
  5. Awe thanks rat!
  6. Can we put my nephew down one will be hunting a good deal. @Borch
  7. How many holes did you get with the 9 amp
  8. I would talk to a gunsmith. It's to bad the one I know is not on here anymore. But I am sure you fit it to you. I am just not sure how. As you mentioned I am the same height as you and about the same length of eyes.
  9. Zombies duh! And guns!! Lol
  10. Getting a few snows eh
  11. No I just push my shavings from the hole in a pile and place on that
  12. I use view cover all the time on fl 8 se keeps the dust, fish slim, rain, snow, and anything else out. I have been using a blue box for 20 years now and would not change it the fl 8 is darn near bullet proof. Mine fell down the stair many times. One nice thing with the blue box is you can mark it to quick measure fish
  13. Horizontal jigs seem to spin less for me. I also put new line on about every three or four times. Remember ice fishing you do not need to fill your spool. I do not use a swivel. My inlines help a lot with line twist. Also don't crank them jigs up so fast. I put 60 to maybe 90 feet of line on tops for my inlines. I have not been spoiled yet.