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  1. Grouse anyone

    Looking at chasing after some grouse this weekend. Never really done it before. We will be hunting in the cass lake area. Have two labs that are experienced pheasant hunters. Any advice for a newbie?
  2. How thick??

    Well I finally finished! 2 small storage compartments He got bored. The whole project probably cost me $200. $50 for plywood. $100 for carpet. $50 for beer
  3. How thick??

    Here is the progress so far. This is my prototype floor I made out of a crappy board they used to pack the marine grade plywood with. Fits pretty darn good. Next step is to make the final product. I chose 1/2 inch plywood. Will keep posting pictures as progress is made
  4. How thick??

    I just used a skill saw and took my time.
  5. How thick??

    I am currently working on putting a floor in my lund s14. I took out the middle bench seat leaving 15 inches on each side for storage. The question I am currently pondering is the thickness of plywood I should put in. Debating between 1/2 and 3/4 in. marine grade plywood. I am a little worried about weight, which is why i am leaning 1/2 at this point. Is there a big difference in weight betweent the two? i am planning on carpeting over the top. Any input is appreciated. Here is my progress so far
  6. Pumping from a creek for irrigation

    I have a county drainage ditch that goes through my backyard. I am wondering if it is legal to pull water from this to irrigate my lawn. If so, what type of pump would work best/cheapest? Water is probably 25 ft down and I would have to pump it no more than 100 ft. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. lets see your dogs

    Windsor at 10 months. The rooster was his first retrieve
  8. outdoor kennel question

    I recently added a 4th panel after residing the bottom of the shed twice. Cut a hole in the chain link fence and it worked fine. The fifteen minutes spent on cutting a whole in the fence was well worth it compared to the time spent siding
  9. Thank you for the help. I didn't know I could move that map around. After looking at the map for Lac Seoul, I think I will just go with the US lakes. Not real great detail on the part of the lake that we fish.
  10. Debating buying the us - lakes or the us and canada - lakes for my iphone 4. Does the canada app have lac seul? Is it worth the extra 5 bucks?
  11. Tips for a pups first season

    My male chocolate lab is 6 months old right now. He has mastered sit,stay,come, is gun trained, and loves to retrieve both on land and in water. My question is, are there any tips for a first year dog to make it a successful first season? I will primarily use him for duck hunting and pheasant hunting. Thanks in advance for the tips
  12. boat anchors?

    The best anchor hands down is the "Digger Anchor." They are made in Sauk Centre. We have a 17.5 ft boat and this thing will stick all day in 20+ mph winds on a big lake like Winnibigosh. Plus they are much easier to release from the bottom. This might be too much of an anchor for a 14 ft, but you will only need one of these anchors.
  13. What line??

    With all of this warm weather, I have all of the ice rods put away and am looking at getting new line put on the long rods. I would like to hear some suggestions as to what line will be best for my situations? I have been using mono (6 to 8 lb. test), but am wondering if I should switch to something else. I almost exclusively jig minnows for walleyes in current around rocks and stumps.
  14. Pet Containment

    Its funny you mention that, we tried it! It actually worked for us, but it was not nearly as easy as they made it seem. This was about 5 years ago at my parents house. My wife and I just purchased a new home and now have room for a dog. Looking at both options, I am leaning wireless.
  15. Pet Containment

    I am looking at getting the wireless system. We currently have the underground system, but the problem we have is that if it breaks (We have a lot of squirrels) you can't find it to splice it. Can you plug the wireless system into an outlet?