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  1. Mille Lacs.....

  2. This state is out of control on it rules, regulations and taxes.
  3. Humminbird chips

    I believe some units come with maps of some lakes but probably wont have any real detail as far as contour lines. I think most will have a map of the US but when you zoom in you wont get much for detail on lakes and If they do contours will probably be 5-7ft apart. If you want to put data on a card you will need a zero line card for mapping. About $150 i think. 8 hours should give you quite a bit of mapping. Best would be to buy from a retailer so someone with knowledge of the product can show you how to run it. You might be able to take some snap shots of sonar and put on a blank card but don't think you can map with it. I would get a Lakemaster card for the area(s) you want to fish. Worth every penny.
  4. Heading up to Devils in a couple weeks and again later on. Doesn't look like a lot of activity on here. Tryng to get an idea whats happening before I go.
  5. Let see your di and si captures

    Looks like a lot of rocks. Could be some fish laying on the bottom. I look for separation between the object and the shadow. After I get more acquainted with my new unit i will try and post some shots
  6. Side-Imaging Depthfinders

    Its a whole new world down there with SI and DI. After you learn what the picture is showing you, you'll wonder what took so long to get it I was a Lowrance guy for years and made the switch to H'bird this year with the new Solix with Mega chirp. Very happy with it so far. Amazing clarity and images.
  7. Minnkota ?

    Thanks guys
  8. Minnkota ?

    Thanks trout. Did you get power from trolling or starting batteries?
  9. Minnkota ?

    Got a new Ulterra with I-link. There is a direction sensor that needs to be mounted and powered. Says not to mount too close to other wires, batteries, electronics or ferrous metals. My boat is 1800 Lund Tyee. Does this thing need to be out in the open or can you mount out of site? Directions do not state anything about this. Anyone else deal with this or have a good spot for it?
  10. Lawn seed

    I'm going to wait a week or so yet here. Lawn is too soft an wet. I like to rake it in and don't want to rip up whats already there. Go for it if your conditions are right. Keep it wet. My Ground temp was 40 this morning. Whats a good temp for seeding?
  11. LCX-104c

    Waiting for the new H'birds I ordered. Hope it shows soon. I be using the LCX as long as I have to. del, yes it is 10 inch screen
  12. I troll crank baits anytime of the year. Some of my favorite baits are Rapala husky jerks and jointed tail dancers. Okuma line counter reels and Fenwick 8' HMX rods with 8# Fireline. Almost always in 12ft or less. I like to long line the baits and use snap weights if need to go deeper. Speeds vary with water temp but usually in the 1.5- 3.5 range. Sometimes for me but only with cranks. No luck with other rigs. Cabelas has a trolling rod /reel for $69 if your looking for something to get started with.
  13. Porcelain for bathrooms

    The tile world has changed dramatically over the last 10 years along with how it is installed. Specialty mortars for glass, porcelain, ceramic. Trends are for larger tiles. New underlayments, tools, waterproofing, etc etc........ Your installer needs to be educated on the latest techniques and products. Tile Council of America has a "bible" book on how to install in any situation. As far as working with the products, they are different. Porcelain is hard and cuts hard. Edges can chip easily if not careful when working with it. Tiles can be warped and difficult to level. Ceramic= easier. Different mortars for different tiles. Prep is different for every situation. A lot of new products out to make prep and install easier, faster, and perform better for many years. 5-10% extra is standard. Diagonal layouts require more 15-18% depending on tile size. This includes damaged product during shipping and handling.
  14. Porcelain for bathrooms

    Most "tile" sold today is porcelain. You can still get ceramic but a lot of it is wall tile which means it is soft and should not be installed on floors. Porcelain is a lot harder than ceramic as it is fired at a temp that is right next to glass. Ceramic is made at a lot lower temp and the surface is usually glazed where porcelain is a solid product all the way through and is honed or polished. Manufacturers have shifted away from ceramic because of the raw materials used to make it. As long as its installed correctly it will last as long as you want it. Also think about installing heat cables under your tile especially if you live in a cold climate. Your feet will love you for it!
  15. Prp injections

    Feels a whole lot better as of today. I would say I'm at about 90%. Going in for one more shot in a couple weeks. Recent MRI has shown great progress.