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  1. New wheel house brand to check out - Legend

    Are the houses built on an order basis only? How long did your build take from order to delivery?
  2. FLx 28 or Marcum Lx6 or 7

    Ordered the Hbird Helix ice 7. The combo of flasher/sonar/gps did it for me. Excited to get out with it.
  3. Rookie Wheelhouse question

    Do you guys block them up or drop right on the ice?
  4. New wheel house brand to check out - Legend

    Got a pic of the battery compartment? Is there a plug outside for generator?
  5. Fish House Build

    How about bluetooth speakers?
  6. FLx 28 or Marcum Lx6 or 7

    Ok so im still looking. What about the H-bird Ice Helix 7? Anyone have one? Basically the same price as the other units with a gps map included. I already have the map chips so seems like a win -win. Does this match the quality and performance of the other popular units? Feedback appreciated. Ice is forming fast!
  7. New wheel house brand to check out - Legend

    Nice house. Im also interested about weight and price. Thanks for posting.
  8. FLx 28 or Marcum Lx6 or 7

    Looking to upgrade. What are your thoughts on theses units? Im still using my Fl8 which is at least 15 years old. Still works great but getting a little noisy.
  9. lets see your ice rides

    Nice rig Snowbound. What do you use to haul it around?
  10. lets see your ice rides

    They are kinda neat. Id like to see someone try and pull a smaller wheelhouse with one. Anyone know prices?
  11. Mille Lacs.....

  12. This state is out of control on it rules, regulations and taxes.
  13. Humminbird chips

    I believe some units come with maps of some lakes but probably wont have any real detail as far as contour lines. I think most will have a map of the US but when you zoom in you wont get much for detail on lakes and If they do contours will probably be 5-7ft apart. If you want to put data on a card you will need a zero line card for mapping. About $150 i think. 8 hours should give you quite a bit of mapping. Best would be to buy from a retailer so someone with knowledge of the product can show you how to run it. You might be able to take some snap shots of sonar and put on a blank card but don't think you can map with it. I would get a Lakemaster card for the area(s) you want to fish. Worth every penny.
  14. Heading up to Devils in a couple weeks and again later on. Doesn't look like a lot of activity on here. Tryng to get an idea whats happening before I go.
  15. Let see your di and si captures

    Looks like a lot of rocks. Could be some fish laying on the bottom. I look for separation between the object and the shadow. After I get more acquainted with my new unit i will try and post some shots