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  1. Suspension ?

    wasnt sure that was directed at me leech, FYI I lurk around once in a while, just not the same old site it used to be. Ended up looking for the idler wheels. Who would have thought a 95 mxzx was a one off. Went walking through a sled junk yard and still no rear idle wheels, its a 155 MM idler wheel, I think i have a source for it , but can anyone tell me how many different bearing sizes are there? Id hate to order the wrong size. I've had my house out for 2 weeks getting 1-2 every time I've gone so far.
  2. Suspension ?

    I have a 95 440 MXZ that needs some work on suspension thats bone stock . I remember reading on here or somewhere that there are other suspensions that will give better travel and would work alot better. Anyone know what will fit on my sled?
  3. 03 450 es problem wont stay running

    Hey BoxMN, It was the fuel valve. It's not getting enough in the on position. Turn it too reserve and it runs fine. Im waiting until its about out of gas to tear into it. There's no risk of hurting anything running with it in reserve is there?
  4. 03 450 es problem wont stay running

    Thanks folks, gonna be a weekend project for me. Never thought about the float bowl but that makes sense it running for the amount of time it runs.
  5. Have a 2003 450 ES foreman that wont stay running once it gets warm. I started it and was loading up stuff to load into the little trailer i use around the house and it stalled. Didn't think much of it, I got done loading the trailer and jumped on to start again and it started but the minute id hit the gas it would stall. Did this to where it wouldn't even start. I let it sit for a couple hours and it started right up like normal. I take it for a spin to see if it was a fluke and it stalls after about a 1/4 mile and does the same thing as before. Pulling choke wont help it just wont stay running when warm. Any ideas where to start? Would dirty carbs allow it to start cold and stall once warm? It fires but wont stay running.
  6. Thanks Neighbor_guy, thats the info im looking for. Never thought about putting nesting boxes out. Im going to contact my local DU as well and see what they say. The pond just looks and feels perfect, and i was surprised that it didnt draw more than it did for dabblers type last year.
  7. I spent a great deal of time last summer and fall hauling in pallet after pallet to gain access to a 5 acre pond that based on past experience draws local birds (woodies especially) to once the shooting starts. BUT I was really surprised that is didn't drawn in more migrating birds. Its protected, ringed with cattails, and been impossible to ever get to in order to hunt until last fall when i made the pallet road. Whats frustrating is just 1/2 mile away is an almost identical layout but about 1/4 the size and it draws in mallards, why doesn't the one we worked on? Its all on private land so i can do whatever is legal to help it. But what our my options so its more attractive to fall migrating ducks?
  8. Property Line ?

    I dont know if i did any of this response correct but here it is anyways What is the legal setback requirement in this area? From a lot line? From a building Im pretty sure it is 10 ft from the property line. Septic system is 10 feet from lot line Is there room on your lot for a mound that meets the setback requirement? Probably so, as someone mentioned it may be beneficial for person X to move my mound and install in another spot but it would be above the 15K mentioned I would guess about 1.5 times that. The lot is listed just under 100K Does the mound as currently built present problems for placing a building on the second lot? If yes it is logical that the value of the second lot would be less. A outbuilding could be placed on it easily and that would be why i would want the land Does the mound as current built prevent the placement of any habitable structure? It very well could depending on where a proposed habitable structure was placed. I would have to measure the lot (1.2 Acres) but i would still think its possible to build a house on it. Does the mound as built prevent construction of a mound for the second lot? Probably not but again without measuring its still unknown If the answers fall your way on some of the above the second lot may have little or no value and you could consider not buying it at all. If it is unbuildable why would you? Poll Barn and it would be more desirable for resale Was the mound in place at the time of closing? If yes how long before closing was it in place? If not then perhaps someone could tell me how there is liability on the part of the title insurance company. Yes it was installed before we closed. It actually slowed the closing by 2 weeks from our original closing date. It was completed i believe 2-4 days prior to closing Get some answers to some of these questions. Find a lawyer knowledgeable in real estate in Alex and spend some money getting some advice. $500 spent on a lawyer could save you thousands in the future and allow you to deal with this transaction from a position of power and knowledge. I believe this is the road im heading down.
  9. Property Line ?

    LRG yes we bought the title insurance, I found the doc where we initialed during closing saying we wanted it, but i wasnt able to find the contract stipulations. After looking at the amortization payment sheet I got sick all over again LOL. Should I go to my credit union who also did the closing as well as the loan to purse the title insurance? RunDave, I cant remember whether we signed the agreement. I actually think i denied it but in all honesety im not sure.
  10. Property Line ?

    I sure do appreciate the info Lil_Ripper. I have contacted the county and we pulled up the plat. You can see it very plain on the GPS photo they use that its going to be way over. You can also see where the mowed area that has been maintained for years in this photo. They agreed with me that it is what was most likely the reason it was installed where it ended up. Im waiting on the inspector who signed off on the system to make the call on where the stopping point is for the System. The lady i spoke with was almost certain its considered the TOE of the mound. Which if it proves to be true its about 30-40 ft encroaching on the other lot. So I'd love to just get this additional property for free vs just having an easement. But on what grounds would i have to legally insist that It needs to be owned by me? My realtor asked if i would possibly want to buy it with a low ball offer. Its going to cost the seller legal fees now and he might be willing to sell at a great price so I am considering that as well.
  11. Property Line ?

    Called my realtor last night, shes going to look into it and recommend that seller X's realtor have it surveyed. She was also going to talk to the county and see what there records show. She didn't seem the least bit concerned it would cost me anything. She said its not our fault the seller installed it on his other lot. She thought an easement is what will end up happening. She want me to give her until next Tuesday to research it.
  12. Property Line ?

    I cant say what happened. Douglas county was who did the inspection or at least i believe they were who was responsible. Ill see if my paper work says so when i get home tonight. I still go back to what i suspect happened. The yard has always been mowed past what I now know to be the property line. Its been the same owner for both lots, he has had a landscaping company take care of the yard forever because he lives out of state. Anyone looking at it would assume it was part of lot A based on visually looking at it, including me. FYI, I wouldn't think that the lot size matters in the end, but each lot is about 1.5 acres so were not talking about making one lot to small to build on. Both lots are water front and that does limit the distance the septic had to be from the lake but i think there's enough cushion that way that it didn't force moving it on property B.
  13. Property Line ?

    Tom, I like the X as seller easier to follow. Hopefully this helps X- owned 2 lots side by side lot A and lot B, one with a house(lot A) the other a bare lot.(lot they were both listed for sale at the same time, they each had there own MLS listing. X's Agent had both listings as the selling realtor. Lot B has been on the market the entire time. Now that its spring their realtor installed a new yard sign last week and her email followed. X had a 3rd party do the septic inspection as part of the sale, This inspection failed which forced X to install a new septic system if X wanted to sell lot A to me. this was stipulated in my purchase agreement., X paid a licensed contractor to install new system. X's realtor knew this contractor and pulled some strings to get it completed in the time it took so that we could still have our closing as planned. Septic system was inspected by the county and passed, we closed on July 31st. Both properties A + B are rectangular in shape and are marked with a steel post at each corner. I measured the distance between posts with a tape and although i know its not 100% accurate its close enough where im comfortable to say where the lot lines are based on a clear line of page from corner to corner. I have a pretty good eye in judging a straight line over a distance, and its very clear the septic system is on the line around 50ft depending where the entire SYSTEM actually is beneath the surface. One of the clean out covers looks to be right on the line. Someone mentioned going to my Realtor which i plan to do. BUT both realtors are part of the same Agency so I wonder where my realtor loyalties will be. I wonder, why aren't land surveys required when a property is sold? Or at least verified there aren't going to be issues like this.
  14. Property Line ?

    Not sure where to post this so figured id start here. I bought a house last summer. Part of the purchase agreement was the sale was dependent on the septic system passing inspection if it failed the seller was responsible to correct it. Well it failed and the seller had to install a new mound system. The design was completed by a 3rd party, it was installed by a state licensed professional who was a separate party as well. This all happened in about 2 weeks timeline which I was pretty impressed with. All inspections were completed, owner paid for the new septic system and we closed the sale like any normal property sale. Note though: no survey was completed. Last week i got an email from the sellers agent informing me my fish house was being stored on the sellers other lot and asked that i move it. It has always been known that the seller (out of state owner) owned this lot and it was for sale the same time i bought my house. The same realtor had both (house and separate lot) listings. After her email I got to looking for the property stakes and try to determine where my property line was. The property line was never a concern until we got her email. When we first started looking at the property we were TOLD the line was about where the lawn was being mowed BUT there were stakes at all 4 corners. Last week I got the tape out and measure according to my plot drawing, and there are in fact metal posts on my corners. Its always been known one was there but I believed it was to mark a tree stump to prevent hitting said stump with the lawn mower. About 50 from this post is where the lawn has been mowed as long as i have known the property. OK, now to the question. After looking over the septic design, property plot etc the new septic system appears to have been installed directly on the property line. According to the approved and inspected septic design the septic system needs to be a minimum distance of 50ft from the property line (which would be about where the lawn has always been mowed). I have a suspicion that the contractor who put the system in was told the same info we were, that the property line was where the mowed lawn ended and installed the septic system based on that info. In a rush to make sure we closed in time the selling realtor neglected to make sure where the property line was. So now what? The way I look at it the seller was responsible to have the new septic installed. He paid for the design, installation and permits. He installed it on property he has always owned. By doing so did he give me that land? I know I'll need legal representation and I will. But before I do that, I wondered what others thought or how they would handle it. I think i'm going to start with my Credit Union (who i financed it with) and see what they say
  15. Talk him through it when he is drawn. Visualize it as a target. Do not punch the release and make sure the deer is completely standing still when he shoots The best shot I've personally ever known could not for the life of him hit a deer. He just couldnt control adrenaline. With me it was getting that first deer, I still get excited but i can calm down enough to shoot accurate.