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  1. I'm getting married, yet...

    Congrats man Just started doing the same thing myself. The ring should be ready next week. Its been 8yrs together for us. Hope it gets here before she figures out whats up. Our son helped pick it out but being 6 Im not sure how long he can keep it quiet. No fishin!!! That wouldnt go over to good in this family. Our reception will be lake side. Hope they dont mind me slippin off for a hr. or two.
  2. Keeping leeches

    I have lost a few dozen in tamers under the dock this summer. High water temps. One damaged one and the whole batch is mush by the time you get back.
  3. gps help

    They sell lakemaster on this site. There is a listing that shows which ones it works with.
  4. Pinpoint Trolling Motor Issue

    I have one. Had problems last year with it. Dealer said it was slightly used it worked for about 3 months. Not worth the bucks it cost me. Still trying to decide if I should fix it or get a different brand. Did you try programing the thing? You might want to try it before you take it back. Look in your manual for the t-motor. I tells you to push the front of the pedal down then push the back of the petal down then ramp the speed wheel up and then down. Look for something like that. Its worth a shot anyway. If your trying to use the depth track and its getting lost it works better on a spot where there is a good drop. If its a real slow drop or your on a flat area the thing will run in circles. If you try the setup and it still doesnt work take it back. I wish i could take mine back but now Im kinda stuck. Good luck!
  5. pinpoint sonar

    not sure but I had a transom mount transducer when i had my pinpoint hooked up. Then the only thing you would need would be power.
  6. FishMark 320 ?

    i also had a prob with a lowrance transducer. They didnt even ask for warrenty stuff just whats your address? No charge got it in less than a week.
  7. Waubay

    yep do the walleyes keeps a guy busy there. just bring lots of bait
  8. Waubay

    sorry fish the walleye here. If you are a bait guy buy alot. Get a pound o leechs. thats your backup. He gets a 100 fish no lie in one weekend. But it is like he says 12 to 15in eyes. They still grow good craps and northerns . Go for them when you can(right now).
  9. Waubay

    yup the guy i know fishes for numbers not size. But they do catch the big nothern and crappies at times. Walleyes are all small the reason they catch a hundred is because they are hurting. This guy said he ran out of minnows and threw plastic.. not the same but close. He still caught walleye but not as fast. The crappies have a bit o size and you could hook into a huge northen if you wanted to.. The lake has them a;so
  10. Ed what do the lor-15's run on?????? Will it mess up my X-15.
  11. Lindners angling edge?

    It is the slow season for the media guys. They are out taping shows and getting them ready for airing. They get more guys watching in the winter. That will mean less in MN and ND,SD when the opener happens. They know when to do there thing for the max impact. DO you like the show?? So did I .. when the season starts you are fishing not watching tv. I love the guys he has workin with him and Al Linder will always be able to motavate people. He could talk about cell phones. Thank god he loves fishing and he likes to teach it. If he does a blerb// about christian values so be it. Its nice to see a honest man doin what he thinks is right. He knew he would come back when the time limit was done. Even tho he had probs. He waited and as soon as he could he started again.... He is ok in my book.
  12. Minkota Maxxum question

    Ive been lookin around a bit also. Was a bit afraid that the foot petal would not reach back as far as i would like. The same thing with motorguide units.
  13. Minkota Maxxum question

    scoot how far back in your boat will the foot petal reach?
  14. Which Truck Motor to buy???

    Nope not on most just saying that some times it gets to be more of a chevy vs. ford thing than actual honest help. Some are fine and the you will get the fords are always best thing or rice burners suck thing going. Only seems to be when were talking vehicles tho.??? For the most part answers are good. Didnt mean it to sound like it did. Heck most of my posts are questions not answers. Good luck with the new truck. It sounds like it will fit the bill. D
  15. Which Truck Motor to buy???

    never trust the boards with cars. Buy the best deal you can get or get a toyota or honda. u want usa or .........