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  1. She's back:
  2. Traded in an 870 for a Winchester SXP and love it. Lighter, fits right, and has a good choke tube system right out of the box. So far no problems. Will probably trade my last 870 for another one this year.
  3. The M must stand for mediocre, or maybe what they aspire to.
  4. If she gets the nomination, she is going to look and sound like hell in the final stretch of campaigning for the general election, maybe her husband as well. She will be 69 years old in Oct.
  5. We have a couple more of them now. Jeff Gordon, in his last season, won the pole in 2015. This year it is their promising young star, Chase Elliot, who wins the pole in his Sprint Cup debut. In the legendary 24 car.
  6. We live in a world where a person can immerse themselves online or in media with information that only reinforces their biases.
  7. It looks like the guy has people harassing deer to keep the deer on his hunting property near Barnesville. What a peach. It is amazing at some of the things that people will do because of some bone on a deer's head.
  8. I can hunt my Wirehair at 60 degrees, but not for real long. I always worry about pond or lake water with potential algae problems. Blue-Green Algae is toxic to dogs and it is really hard to keep a hot dog out of the water. rundrave, do you think there is any chance of getting the start time moved up? i would think if hunters got on board and had the Fish and Game on board there would be a chance. i read somewhere that 200 dogs died on opener last year. A person would think that would lead to some action. Just kind of curious if there has been any discussion?
  9. I use an ice fishing sled and a plank for a ramp. Getting the deer in the sled is not too hard. Then get things lined up and push the sled up the ramp. The sled keeps blood from getting in the vehicle and serves as a drip pan while the deer is hanging. I hang the deer in the garage with a boat winch mounted to the wall and a couple of pulleys or a come-a-long. I just have never had much success with the block and tackle rigs. If you need to get a sled just for this I think the Jet-Sled is the cheapest way to go. The sled can also make for easier dragging.
  10. Just got notice yesterday at work that my health insurance premiums are going up 21% for next year.
  11. Allegedly, he was taking the money out to pay off a man to cover up sexual misconduct that he committed while being a boys wrestling coach. Another "family values" politician exposed.