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  1. 12 volt 7AH batteries $9

    I picked up 2. There was about 12 left.
  2. Garmin Colorado 400t

    I got mine online at Reed's for $90 a month back. It looks like they are $100 now. Probably the best price you will find.
  3. Garmin Colorado 400t

    I have the Colorado 400i. Love it! Picks up satellites way faster then those Lowrance units. (I had the Expedition C) I love the scroller. Makes it easy to zoom in and out. I have the MN Chip too. Make sure you order the Micro SD card for the unit and not the Data Card. Took me forever to figure out which on to get. The Micro SD card is really a regular size SD card. Only thing I don't like is the POI feature. It only shows POI of camp grounds, lakes, river, ect. No gas stations or restaurants. Maybe it's because I have the marine version. But other then that I love the GPS!
  4. Ice, Ice Baby!

    WOW!! Those are some nice looking fish!! Good Job! Welcome to FM!
  5. NFL Redzone?

    It is SO SWEET! I watched that channel pretty much all day! I can't believe it took me til week 8 to get it. Glad I have it now though!
  6. NFL Redzone?

    Yes you can order it for comcast. That's what I have. I already ordered and I can't wait for Sunday to arrive. Just gotta call them and add it to your cable. It's like $7.99 a month.
  7. NFL Redzone?

    Thanks for the reply LMITOUT. I am a big football junkie and I am in 3 Fantasy Leagues, so I guess this would be a great thing to have to watch scoring around the league. Plus, they games on TV the past couple of weekends have been so DUMB! Who want's to watch the Jets against the Raiders. Come on now!!! And this weekend looks like a bunch of [PoorWordUsage] too. Cleveland and the Bears. So I guess I will be ordering the Redzone this weekend! Again, thanks for the info!
  8. NFL Redzone?

    Anyone have this on there TV? IS it worth the money? Do they show every redzone in real time or is there a big delay? I usually just watch the Yahoo Gamechannel on my computer, but would be better if it was on the TV.
  9. Anyone know the difference between the 06/07 version compared to the current versions of suits?
  10. Hello everyone. I wll be visiting somefriends over the 4th weekend and never fished the lake before. Any suggestion on where to start and what works best right now. I'll be on staying at a cabin on the northwest side of the bridge on County Rd. S. We don't plan to go too far away from the cabin. Thanks for any suggestion.
  11. Best day in t-wolves history

    I am so glad that they finally let him go. The Mcfail era is gone now we can work on a new era!
  12. Lakemaster 09

    Anyone know if the new chip that is scheduled to be released on MAy 1st is only for the Lowrance units or will they release both Lowrance and Garmin?
  13. I know this post has been on here before, but I couldn't find it, so I figured I would post it again. Has anyone heard of the release date for the new chip. I know LakeMaster is always hush hush about it and there was talk that it was suppose to be released in March. Any replies is greatly appreciated!
  14. Official FishingMinnesota NCAA Tournament Pick Em Contest

    IN. Good luck all! Go Gophers!
  15. Michigan State vs Minnesota

    Can't wait for the game to start. I guess I'll start drinking early today!! GO GOPHERS!