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  1. The couple

    I was thinking more about the hair jigs.
  2. The couple

    Got any good patterns? Squirrel or racoon tail? Is possum any good? Asking for a friend.
  3. 85 K15 chev silverado misses

    The choke not closing seems like it could be the hard starting when cold problem, from what I recall about carbs. The question is what is making the choke not close, and could that also cause the miss? Some sort of temp sensor thing? What keeps the choke open when starting warm?
  4. The savings in percent is greater going from 60 to 50 than from 70 to 60. The savings in dollars is probably about the same per degree. The average temperature in minneapolis in January is 15.6 and the heating degree days runs around 7000. If heating season is about 7 months or 200 days, that is 35 degrees difference inside to outside average. So a degree is about 3%. In January more like 2% of a bigger number. Did that make sense? sort of doing this on the fly today.
  5. There are two factors that would change the calculation. First, I assumed a temperature outside of 0 degrees since that was the question. Even in winter, the daily average temperature is probably higher than 0 degrees. For example, (I just looked it up) the average high in January for Sandstone, MN is 21 and the low is 1, putting the average at about 10 or maybe a little less. Second, if the building occupied people, lights, appliances etc produce heat that isn't accounted for in "heating energy". In this case the building is vacant, and so no lights, no showers, no cooking, no nice warm bodies. And presumably no basement to mess up the calculation either. But I am suspicious of the excel number since if I turned down the thermostat 33 degrees, to 37 degrees then I should have 100% energy savings. And we know that in January that isn't true. One could look at heating degree-days for the location in question for a better answer.
  6. Science. Why are you skeptical of the calculation? That is exactly the same type calculation used for R values. What other factors other than the temperature differential should have been taken into account? Energy loss due to infiltration is also proportional to temperature differential. Nothing WAG about it. So, let's see your knowledge of HVAC and Physics. You tell us what the real answer is and how you arrived at it. Show your work.
  7. The heat loss is proportional to the difference in temperature, so if the interior temp is 70 and the outside is 0, that is a delta t of 70. Lowering the inside temp to 69 will reduce the heat loss by 1/70 or about 1.4%. Lowering the temp to 60 would reduce the loss by 10/70 or 14%. And if it is 55 and you lower to 45, it is 10/55 less. or 45/55 as much.
  8. How's it going?   Pretty cold around here.   ;)

  9. Sous Vide Turkey

    Yep, they add flavor and gelatin to soup. They are sort of uncommon in stores here in medville, except maybe in the asian ones.
  10. Time for a smoke

    Nah, you can make stuff nice and tender though without cooking it to death, with a few hours of smoke before or after. You guys are always wrapping the meat in paper or foil to finish the cook. Well, sous vide does the same thing only 10 times better. And don't be telling me smoke penetrates foil... And the anova circulator like I have is on sale for 99 bucks, or at least it was a couple days ago. Use ziplocs or you probably already have a vacuum sealer.
  11. I'd like your opinion

    He's just chasing the secretaries around the union hall..
  12. Christmas Feast

    Even the hump(s)?
  13. Dumping Cable for Streaming

    They claim something about "cloud dvr" for $5 per month. Can you get that? Works on some channels.
  14. Christmas Feast

    I never heard what camel is like. Deer, Moose, Pig, cow?? Probably want a young one or it would be tough. Is it gamey?
  15. Christmas Feast

    I think it would have to be done like a turkey, break it down. Maybe bone out the legs for a roulade. maybe 48 hours at 150 would do it. Not sure about the other cuts. Make jerky out of the backstraps. It would make a good snack with sweet tea while the other stuff cooks. Is camel like beef or like venison or like pork? Not sure what to do with the shoulder/chuck. Pot roast? Carnitas? Hump would probably be best on a rotisserie to let fat drip off. Probably need a big cooler to use for the sous vide, and a couple of grills, maybe a smoker. Oh, and RH's grinder for the sausage. Smoke the brisket or corn it? Decisions decisions....