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  1. OK, to go back to original question, how much current do the 12 volt pumps used in those sort of systems use? I can go look up the information and figure it out, but I hoped someone here already knew the answer.
  2. What are my choices? I have a pump, well actually two pits with two pumps, one on each end of basement. Probably half horse pumps? I don't recall what they are. So if I get one of those battery back up things, ideally I would want it to protect against both pump failure and power outage. I figure power outage is maybe 12 to 24 hours except for some real disaster here in Rochester. Pump failure could be days if I am out of town. But if the battery charger can keep up with the average draw, it would be ok. Pumping head is about 5 feet if that matters.
  3. If possible, get doctor to give you prednisone or an inhaled cortico-steroid like flovent or asminex (assuming you have prescription drug insurance) Or the codine cough syrup if nothing else. It is cheap. Need a prescription, though
  4. There also the 360 things by some companies.
  5. How much current do the battery pumps draw?
  6. I've seen stuff a few times. My kids, my parent's house, my aunt's house. I express my opinion.
  7. I am thinking you would get a good price buying the Ranger? Would you have to sell the current rig to get the Ranger? Money, space, mama, whatever? If so you might keep it as a back up or an alternative. That way you get the great boat and if something happens to the motor, you park it until the repower is appropriate. I'm thinking the value of your current boat isn't changing much at this point. 13 years old, 14 years old, not much difference. That two stroke will burn a lot more gas than your 4 stroke. And stink and be noisy and generally unpleasant in comparison. But maybe you could put up with it for a couple years to get a better boat. Or you could sell the motor and controls right away and park the boat for a year.... (just brainstorming) Tough decision.
  8. If you are used to a 4 stroke, this will be a step backwards for sure. Not sure if the yammy is a two or four stroke, but I went from 2 to 4 a few years ago and can't imagine going back. What makes you interested in this older boat as a replacement for what you have? I think that vintage OMC was pretty reliable, even the oil injection. You might not have to do all that maintenance, at least right away. If you are worried about the VRO, put some oil in the gas to start out and see if it is working. Put muffs on it and see if it starts, and if it does just run some seafoam or something through it. If it got winterized before storage it might be ready to go. Put some fresh gas in it and go try it. siphon some of the old gas out and see how it looks if you are concerned. Gas that has gone bad, in my experience, looks yellow and smells different.
  9. Where is the boat? Timbuktu is ok.
  10. I know a guy that could probably put bushings in those wheels for you. Seriously.
  11. Pull his finger....!!!
  12. Selling the house quickly allows the agent to devote resources to the next property. In a situation where there are limited properties then perhaps sitting on them is the best action, but in a situation where there are multiple properties, selling and moving on to the next property is a superior strategy. My experience is from watching my children putting in money to spiff up a property to enable a faster sale when the did not recover the value of the improvements. Which improvements produce a net positive return? Paint and carpet, maybe. The commission on 25k is 1500 bucks split several ways. You are telling me that some agent is going to flog the bushes for a few weeks to make an extra couple hundred, when they could be selling another property and making thousands?
  13. Then, when it melted it ran into the nearest ditch or stream, and on to the gulf of Mexico...
  14. They let the weeds grow high along silver lake and it keeps the geese in the water. Also shutting down the power plant to save the planet lets it freeze in winter which helps. Still plenty of geese around if that's your thing. Don't eat the lettuce from near the septic outlet... ha ha.
  15. I guess we will have to disagree on that.