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  1. Slippery Concrete Solution

    OK, then how about stripping the sealer if that is what makes it slippery. After a few years it really isn't necessary, since the concrete is mostly cured by then (yeah it keeps curing for decades but most of it is done in a year or two). I guess if you like the glossy look then maybe the sand in the sealer thing is worth a try.
  2. Slippery Concrete Solution

    This just occurred to me.... I have no idea if it would work.. Could it be sandblasted to roughen the surface and give more grip?
  3. Spring Is Upon Us

    Hakuna matata on my deck
  4. Garage Attic

    I was thinking a single layer to make a bigger area with two sheets. Your interpretation may differ. Is it a total or a per square foot load, averaged over some number of square feet? like I have some trusses. I throw a couple sheets of plywood over them. Now I have an 8x8 platform. How much weight can I put on it? This mechanical/civil engineering stuff is strange. Give me electrons any time.
  5. Bats

    there are probably none there this time of year. I think they hibernate in places that stay above freezing, like caves etc. So this would be a great time to close the holes and check the attic for gross disgusting contamination.
  6. Norway Maple tree damage, need opinions

    I wonder why the difference between there and here. Perhaps disposal costs are higher, or it was some peculiarity of the location of the tree relative to the house. There does also seem to be some difference by neighborhood, with more affluent areas paying more, or so I have been told.
  7. Trout Opener

    We got a bunch of rain, followed by slop, followed by ice pellets followed by a few inches of snow here in Rochester. I think further SE, the trout country, got more. Daughter in St Paul got somewhere around 15 inches.... I'm guessing fishing wasn't easy or good.
  8. Spring Is Upon Us

    Fortunately for the robins I have a much maligned great big oriental bittersweet vine growing up a half dead box elder in the yard.
  9. Garage Attic

    You should be able to look up the load carrying capacity of the trusses and figure it out. The roof load is part of the calculation along with how that load is transfrerred to the walls. Do you have a picture or drawing we could see?
  10. Norway Maple tree damage, need opinions

    2700 for one tree seems high. I had 3 mature dying box elders taken down like a year ago for 3k. But maybe things are cheaper in Rochester. You don't live in Edina or something do you?
  11. Norway Maple tree damage, need opinions

    I agree with the aborist. Not looking good. The tree is coping fine as there is plenty of healthy bark and roots. The problem is that the center looks like it is slowly rotting away and the trunk not getting stronger as the canopy grows. If you are not particularly attached to having the tree there, then it would certainly reduce the risk to your garage to take it down. Or you could just have it pruned aggressively to reduce the stress on the trunk. But it sure looks like its days are numbered. And the more I look at the pictures the smaller the number is looking. The problem, sort of like a tree I have, is that it can take a pretty long time to grow a replacement. It is possible you can get the insurance company to help with the cost, just ask them if they would rather wait for it to fall on the garage.
  12. Cooking Elk

    Sous vide is a great way to cook something like elk since it is difficult to make a mistake and overcook it. Vacuum seal, give a few hours in the water at your preferred temperature. Take out of bag, dry off, sear. cooked perfectly. If it is a little tough (and you know that before hand) just leave it in the water for longer. Time makes tender, temperature makes doneness.
  13. Strawberries

    didn't know how long it had been there, or why it had died. So eating it seemed like a bad idea.
  14. Spring Is Upon Us

    I remember hearing a story about the giant Canada Geese here in Rochester some years back. They had some collared so knew where they went. It was a nice spring and one day, most of the geese that wintered on Silver Lake were gone. A day or two later, they were back. Tracking indicated they had flown to Hudson's bay only to find the area ice and snow covered... So they flew back to Rochester. Took a couple days round trip.
  15. Strawberries

    Found a dead racoon in the front yard a few days ago. I have no idea what killed him. He was laying in the snow near the driveway. Wife said "there is a dead racoon there in the yard" as we backed out of the driveway, so the next day I looked and sure enough there was. I don't know if it just died or was under the snow until it melted. I didn't have anything to do with its demise, honest.