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  1. I have caught them on lake Pepin on the Mississippi.... You get two lines and two jigs per line as well
  2. Those look great...
  3. Thanks. For this year sticking with norway... uff da.
  4. I have found that the littler the tree the poorer the survival odds. I have planted various spruces, and even a couple balsam firs, in my yard and most make it if they start at a decent size (and I protect them from predators like rabbits). The small bare root jobs are less likely to make it. I don't need so many that I can only afford the bare root things from the swcd. I really like norway spruce. I saw Lowes had something called a Siberian spruce that I had never heard of. Anyone know about them?
  5. 165 is the official gubbmint temp for safety. Regular pork is actually safe at 140 or above, besides it has been decades since anyone got trichinosis from domestic pork. Getting the collagen to dissolve in a pork butt so it pulls and is tender is a different story. Needs higher temps and a longer time.
  6. Ready when you are....
  7. This is a test.... That post went at the normal speed.
  8. I was just out in the back yard and the pines have wood. Seriously, they are blooming and if things dry out a little I will check for pollen.
  9. Sorry, couldn't hear it on the video. Swallows, night hawks, bats?
  10. That will work also, although there is something to be said for testing it yourself.
  11. I don't think apples pollen blows in the wind. That's why bees are so important. Looks like pine trees to me.
  12. Have you tried the various nasal sprays? Nasacort etc?
  13. How old/good is the battery? First things first. Second, how good is the output of the alternator? What is the voltage when all this is happening? Easy place to measure is at the lighter socket.
  14. That is a carbed motor, right? float level a little off, or maybe not floating so well? Trim all the way down and it is too lean... Or maybe too rich
  15. ok, not that good of a picture out the kitchen window with iphone 5s... but here it is They can sure trash a suet cake....