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  1. Just out of curiosity, how do the ads you serve get selected?
  2. Just happened to recall something about this so looked it up.... Special Operations Command is exploring a new caliber for its semi-automatic sniper rifle needs and upgrading one of its bolt-action sniper rifle systems. Maj. Aron Hauquitz told Military Times Tuesday that SOCOM is in the preliminary stages of exploring a sniper rifle chambered in the 6.5 mm caliber. The two commercially available rounds being evaluated are the .260 Remington and the 6.5 mm Creedmoor. Research shows that both rounds will "stay supersonic longer, have less wind drift and better terminal performance than 7.62 mm ammunition," SOCOM officials said. Hauquitz said that the research is focused on the popularity and availability of the cartridge, and finding out the benefits and drawbacks of the different rounds.
  3. Or Outdooradserver served something they shouldn't have....
  4. I have found that the corn on the cob at Walmart is surprisingly good. I expected it to be maybe tolerable, and it turned out to be much better than that. They must have a good logistics system that buys from closest source. It is even comparable to the stuff sold along the road, at least in town.
  5. it's 5:30, of course I am hungry.
  6. Yep, I'm hungry.
  7. Tom, I looked it up, and it might be Portland cement. Or it could some plant based stuff. Maybe something acidic would take it off? I might try vinegar on a rag to see if it does anything, and if that works at all, then go to muriatic acid and water, like cleaning up concrete. There ard also propietary products, example aluma-kleen, for cars and boats but they don't tell what's in them. Acid seems to be the popular thing. I don't have personal experience with this problem, so maybe someone else has a better suggestion.
  8. If you want quality apples to eat, every year, pruning is a must. If you are going to let them fall on the ground so you can shoot the consumers, , that is less clear.
  9. Probably depends more on which "weeds" you spray it on... Birds like weeds for seeds to eat, or the bugs that hang around the weeds.
  10. OK, that makes sense.
  11. Could be the habitat has changed, aspen grew up or whatever they like isn't there as much.
  12. Aren't snowshoes known for their large population fluctuations?
  13. Cheetah, if your current docs get stumped (and it is OK with insurance) Mayo is right down the road. They are famous for figuring out rare stuff