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  1. MMmmm Cloquet.... Smells like money.
  2. The "if you were watching the story" was referring to the actions of VW. Your link about mercedes was full of weasel words and little actual hard information. And from the link you posted... Seems like no evidence they did anything wrong has surfaced yet. Maybe, maybe not. So, what facts are you referring to? And are you disputing the stuff about BMW and VW as well? Oh, and from wikipedia.
  3. Could be that others cheated also. I was relying on memory about the BMW connection and hypothesized that Mercedes would also have been a possibility. I did say "maybe mercedes". In any case, VW cheated on emissions for many years with the assent of the highest levels of management. Apparently making a small diesel that runs ok and doesn't make too much pollution at an acceptable cost is really hard.
  4. If you have been following the story, the reason VW got in this mess is they didn't want to license technology from BMW (or maybe Mercedes) and chose to develop their own. When it couldn't be made to work properly, they chose to cheat rather than bite the bullet. Long discussions of what happened as the story broke
  5. I had one of those. Mine never quite ran right, although I lived with the quirks for years. I have a pdf of service manual if you want it. Mine ran rough intermittently at certain rpm.
  6. I think running a diesel off methane would be sort of tough...... And the expense of the EPA testing, out of my bracket.
  7. A grass seed with annual rye grass will also act as a nurse crop for the real thing. Real straw is from oats and doesn't have weeds. Don't make the mistake I did and get hay by accident. Marsh hay is also a possibility.
  8. The motor puts out too much NOx. The engineers couldn't get it to run while meeting the specs is why they cheated in the first place. They still can't figure out a way to make it compliant (other than bribing the EPA to retroactively change the rules.) Now they can't do what they couldn't do then. So they own a bunch of cars. Why do you think making them compliant would be so simple?
  9. So it does. Missed that. Post said "new" so was confused...
  10. 2+2, opti? 4 stroke? Wondering if it is a spark thing?
  11. New new? or new to him, used?
  12. Problem is that there isn't a reasonable fix that would make them compliant. So, what does one do with a bunch of cars that cannot be made legal to sell? Could they be allowed to be exported to less enlightened countries? Better ask a bureaucrat!!
  13. If it would help with early and late blight of tomatoes it would be a Godsend.... Sorry for being a little abrupt in my post. I read your post as a come on for a scam type thing which it seems was a mistake on my part.
  14. Looks good, for sure.
  15. So which selected strains? Who did the research? And who is selling them for how much?