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  1. Huh? I just hope that if it does come, that neither I nor my family nor my friends need anything expensive because those things will become increasingly hard to get. And Dave wants poor people to die in the street (or preferably in an alley) so he can save money. Two can play the absurd attribution game.
  2. Maybe not in 20 years. I would be amazed if in my remaining lifetime. I thought the article about how it works in Germany was interesting for those who still read actual words.
  3. There is an AARP branded medicare supplement. The actual insurance is provided by a third party. (united healthcare)
  4. He is a fine guy. But he wasn't going to get elected as a Libertarian and if he had he would have accomplished nothing without congressional support. Remember, he was a Republican when he was Governor.
  5. Nonetheless there are some forums here which actually have active informative discussions without all of the bafflegab found in this one.
  6. Back in a galaxy far far away there was a successful outdoor forum page. For reasons unknown the owners of the successful page decided to split it and have two pages, presumably so both would be successful. This effort wasn't successful, since neither page seems to have enough users to get to critical mass, except for here on sillytown, and a few of the local fishing forums on the other. It was a grand experiment.
  7. I think it would work fine, just process enough so it doesn't kill you. It is different from freezing but not necessarily worse. And you can take it places that don't have freezers. It can always be crisped up.
  8. What would a good bill be? And would it satisfy both the establishment and the Freedom Caucus?
  9. good is in the eye of the beholder. Not clear a solution exists that satisfies enough R congress creatures to get passed
  10. If the back wall is exterior you could build a doghouse or bump out thing on the back of the garage for the motor. If it is the SX2050 bay boat, here are all the answers.... Looks like height might be an issue too, unless the new place has one of those tall stalls in a 3 car garage. That's a good sized boat. Length on Trailer (Towing Length) 29' 5" Length on Trailer (with Motor in Towing Position and Swing-Away Tongue Folded) 26' 8" Length on Trailer w/Motor Trimmed Vertical w/Swing-Away Tongue Folded (shortest length ) 25' 9" Width on Trailer 102" Boat Length 22' 6" Beam 101" Engine Shaft Length 25" Max. Height on Trailer (Console Rail Folded) 85.5" Max. Height on Trailer (Console Rail Up) 102" Interior Depth (at console) 21" Draft 12" Standard Boat Weight 2,775 lbs. Max. H.P.250 h.p
  11. I think the countries in Europe that have systems that work still have insurance companies. Why don't you research how it works in Germany and Switzerland, and get back to us with a report. The problem with single payer is that, as we see with medicaid, that the government is tempted to reimburse at too low a level to sustain the providers. Even the Brits seem to have a private system with insurance that runs in parallel with the government providers. As for government providers in this country, the VA is an example.
  12. And all this suddenly became a big problem in October 2016, causing the FCC to make a rule?
  13. On the other hand, it's great if you want nothing to get through.
  14. The providers need to be big enough to counter balance the insurance companies. Go big or go home.
  15. Clearly you didn't read the article, or your comprehension skills are sub standard. Don't go by the headlines. They are written by fools. Time for you to go get realigned. Your spine must be affecting your eyes and brain.