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  1. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    Some find that mixing powdered hot peppers, like cayenne, with the sunflower seeds discourages the squirrels, and the birds apparently don't even notice it. Others find that a pellet gun helps or a live trap. I have a feeder that is a cylinder of hardware cloth, fairly fine mesh, and the squirrels don't pay much attention to it. Another thing to try is to put out corn or something for the squirrels and hope they leave the birdfeeders alone. The last alternative is the various squirrel proof feeders... You could research which ones work, since squirrels are pretty clever. That's all I got about defeating squirrels. Glad I don't have bears.
  2. Tv Setup

    How about 1 hdmi cable to the tv and a cabinet somewhere else inconspicuous with a HDMI switch, and all the other stuff there? That is the least ugly alternative I could think of without hacking into walls etc. TV on one of those wall mount things..
  3. Kids & Boats

    Depends on what type of lakes or what size of lakes you fish and how far you travel. The ideal boat for a family with small children, in my opinion, would be a pontoon. Or possibly a deck boat, which is sort of like a pontoon only with a regular hull instead of logs. On the other hand, not the best option for you and buddies to go off hard core fishing on big lakes in...
  4. Cabins

    Save an hour. big deal
  5. Looking like they have been up to no good.
  6. Hot Water!!

    Sure. They saw what happened to that witch in Wizard of Oz.
  7. Hot Water!!

    Sous vide steaks are vacuum sealed. So they see the water they just don't touch.
  8. Hot Water!!

    Shows how little you know about sous vide.... Or are you just pretending ignorance? In your case, hard to tell. (rimshot)
  9. Hot Water!!

    Would have done a heck of a job on that steak and shrimp....
  10. Tom petty

    Not arguing, just explaining.
  11. Tom petty

    So the coroner would know that the coroner had not pronounced him dead.
  12. Vietnam War

    Boasting is not invading. Typical, never blame the Communists eh Roony? Here is the UN Resolution.. BTW the invasion from the North was 10 divisions, 89,000 men.
  13. Tom petty

    True. Tom Petty not dead. Someone in LAPD erroneously told the media that he was, and they ran with it, including CBS news, USA Today, Rolling Stone, etc.
  14. High School Football has Become a Joke

    That was in Sillytown, and the story was all over national news for days. Not the same as some thing from the Minnesota High School League that affects mostly the rural areas. Yep, I missed the effects of the rulings. Doesn't seem to be a big thing in Rochester, they have to go to Owatonna and Austin and Faribault etc. Stop at Cabela's on the way back...
  15. High School Football has Become a Joke

    Well, since my kids have been out of high school for 20 years or so, I don't follow it all that closely. Could you explain the meaning of " killing conferences in favor of the district scheduling model "? Is this an attempt to have schools play others their own size? How is a conference different than a district? I asked a question, I didn't really expect snark. But it is what it is.