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  1. Also check out "straw bale gardening".
  2. My folks liked them. The Hubbards are large and the flesh is quite thick. Plants in late april is jumping the gun. Liable to freeze, even with global warming. reasonable chance of frost there until middle of may. You want the dirt to be warm, so think of them like tomatoes or cucumbers. seeds rot in cold soil. frost kills plants
  3. Probably. What are you out if they don't grow? Just use seeds. No need to buy plants. A couple bucks will get enough seeds to plant quite a few hills (plant several seeds in a group). Or plant butternut squash and you get to eat some too. Or Blue Hubbard...
  4. Yes a 12 inch raised bed sitting on the ground, no bottom, is plenty deep. You can even grow tomatoes in 5 gallon buckets, likewise peppers. That sometimes works better than planting in the ground, especially in places with short seasons and cool weather.... For the beds, green beans, lettuce, beets, swiss chard, whatever you like to eat. Tomatoes will grow there also, but they really like heat so location matters. Oh and radishes and scallions. I second the fence thing. Rabbits and Racoons, and even deer will do serious damage.
  5. I was reading a book about sausage, Polish recipes. Turns out that Keilbasa is just polish for "sausage" and there are a bunch of different types. If anyone wants to read the book, pm me. Official Polish Government recipes from the fall of the Soviet Union.
  6. You can walk on my lawn so long as you don't leave poop behind... I'm not worried about hurting the creeping charlie. But don't go messing with my words.
  7. BTW about 10% if my mother was correct.
  8. The administration I referred to was not the Obama administration. Don't edit me when quoting. It was the HSO administration.
  9. There is a lot of stuff on the web sights and youtube that can be streamed with a chromecast.
  10. Learn something every day. Who would have thought Curry was a German thing? RH1 had issues with the administration. But he is around. Just not here.
  11. Curry is the yellow ones?
  12. On lake Bemidji...
  13. I think it would work fine, just process enough so it doesn't kill you. It is different from freezing but not necessarily worse. And you can take it places that don't have freezers. It can always be crisped up.
  14. If the back wall is exterior you could build a doghouse or bump out thing on the back of the garage for the motor. If it is the SX2050 bay boat, here are all the answers.... Looks like height might be an issue too, unless the new place has one of those tall stalls in a 3 car garage. That's a good sized boat. Length on Trailer (Towing Length) 29' 5" Length on Trailer (with Motor in Towing Position and Swing-Away Tongue Folded) 26' 8" Length on Trailer w/Motor Trimmed Vertical w/Swing-Away Tongue Folded (shortest length ) 25' 9" Width on Trailer 102" Boat Length 22' 6" Beam 101" Engine Shaft Length 25" Max. Height on Trailer (Console Rail Folded) 85.5" Max. Height on Trailer (Console Rail Up) 102" Interior Depth (at console) 21" Draft 12" Standard Boat Weight 2,775 lbs. Max. H.P.250 h.p
  15. It's funny, I have never had good luck with Trilene. I use stren when I use mono. Mostly braid. Summer for me.