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  1. Electrical/fluorescent Light question

    New school instant start electronic lamps use a shot of high voltage to the the lamp going instead of the former filaments. Could be a capacitor in there.
  2. Underwater Camera

    Which one did you get? I am thinking about summer, not winter use. I didn't realize you had bought one from the post. How is it working for you?
  3. Ciscoes

    The person who would probably know the most used to and maybe still does post on the Vermilion section of as Great Outdoors if I recall correctly. I believe he runs a bait shop in Ely, MN. If anyone would know the status, he would.
  4. Underwater Camera

    Has anyone tried the inexpensive (chinese?) underwater cameras being sold on the very large ecommerce place?
  5. Ciscoes

    I was informed that those are not legal as bait in MN, have to have some sort of tag. Are they legal in Ontario? And what about getting them across the border?
  6. Is there a home test for a regulator?

    As I understand it, a tank of a given size will/can only supply propane at some rate that depends on the temperature, and the amount of propane in the tank.
  7. Is there a home test for a regulator?

    I looked it up. A home regulator is supposed to regulate to 11 inches of water. So you could easily make a home made manometer to measure the output using compressed air on the input. run the output to a container of water with a tube extending below the surface that is sealed except for the tube. then you measure how high up the tube the output of the regulator will push the water. I know that's not a very good explanation, but you could look up how to make a manometer. 11 inches is not very much pressure so sealing stuff up should be not too hard. A little silicone would do it.
  8. To all you purists, I agree. Sous Vide ribs are not BBQ although a post sous vide smoke can make them more like the ones you are used to. Liquid smoke is condensed actual smoke so it is the same flavor you get from wood. And of course there are people who are not in a position to run a smoker, or for whom the weather is unfavorable.. but might still want to fix some ribs. Also doing them sous vide is less labor intensive.
  9. I assume you immediately went outside and puked them up. Smoke flavor can be added with liquid smoke, made from actual smoke. And a smoke ring can come from a shot of pink salt.
  10. Minnesota Shrimp

    Turns out Pabst doesn't actually brew beer. It contracts it out to others. They are now headquartered in Los Angeles and actually produce no beer. However, ironically, they contract the production of Old Style to City Brewery in LaCrosse. City owns and operates the former G. Heilmann brewery. Interesting story.
  11. Minnesota Shrimp

    Who owns the schmidt brand nowdays? Didn;t Strohs own it for awhile? They still brew "extra special"?
  12. Perscription Costa sunlasses?

    Are you sure they are the real deal? Lots of counterfeit stuff around these days. Maybe that is why they broke so easy.
  13. Underwater Camera

    Very interesting. Never thought of buying the stuff off the bay. Thanks for the tip.
  14. Just wondrring. Do the same thing, get different results.