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  1. New "Good Morning" thread

    Posting in the good morning thread at night?
  2. Berkshire pork

    Yep, it was a thing on here a while back.
  3. Winterizing temporary well setup

    OK, I talked to the neighbor who recently had a drilled well installed at his seasonal cabin, two doors down from mine. His contractor installed a drain valve, gate type, about 10 feet down the casing that can be operated by a rod that extends near the top of the casing. The rod is accessed by removing the cover of the casing. Opening the valve allows all the water to drain back into the well from the pipe between the well and the pressure tank.
  4. Hardwood flooring installer

    Nah, still roughing it without the Anova...
  5. Berkshire pork

    I hope it is delicious.
  6. Hardwood flooring installer

    Cute frilly chair pads you have....
  7. Berkshire pork

    I vas dere at da dinner table. Beef and pork grown by my uncle outside Hawkins Wisconsin. Moose (plural) shot by my dad and his hunting buddy. As for the corn, I looked around while visiting my uncle several times a year while growing up. No corn in that country at that time. No pictures around from the 50's 60's and 70's. The idea of taking pictures of plates of food is sort of recent, eh?
  8. Pork belly

    In general, one buys pork belly to cook as pork belly, not to make homemade bacon. If one makes bacon the goal isn't saving money but to get a superior product compared to the supermarket stuff. You need to compare price to the fancy gourmet stuff.
  9. Berkshire pork

    Yet the grocery store pork, cooked by the same people in the same way was more tender and more edible than the home grown, pasture raised, free range etc pork from Wisconsin. Same with the beef. Heck, I think moose meat was better than the homegrown beef. (no corn in that part of the country)
  10. Pork belly

    Bacon and porkbelly are trendy right now, Pork loin or shoulder not so much.
  11. Berkshire pork

    The pork in grocery stores and supermarkets in the 60's &70''s was certainly raised commercially.
  12. Teen Vehicle

    AWD adds considerable to the price of a used car, doesn't it?
  13. Berkshire pork

    Funny, the commercial pork from the store cooked the same way wasn't tough. As for genetics, they were pigs. Probably mongrels.
  14. Cure #1 question

    Note that a "best by" date is essentially meaningless, having no standard definition. It is not an expiration date or a use by date.