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  1. Wireless internet

    I use verizon and fox-fi for interenet access at home all the time. I also have DSL but the verizon fox-fi is ten times faster than my dsl. I also use slingbox all the time when camping or fishing. I live close to a tower so always have max bars. I also have unlimited data so usage is not a problem. I am looking for a program to run wi-fi on a HTC thunderbolt if anyone knows of one.
  2. Insurance on travel trailer

    Do not put it on your home owners. If you have thefts you may be cancelled and forced to get state insurance as not company would pick your homeowners up. Might be best to get a separate policy.
  3. New RV'er!!

    I don't feel sorry for him. He just needs to find other campgrounds from now on.
  4. Greer Lake Campground

    Just looked at the DNR site for Greer Lake and it appears open. ( The Snake River campground). I would be comfortable going there.
  5. Honda Generator gas

    Thanks Oilman. I believe the manual say only ethanol gas but I figured any small engines that way that are doing it mostly for emissions reasons.
  6. Verizon is definitely upgrading their systems to 4g pretty fast and hope to have everything 4g in 2014. This is keeping my son busy with 60 to 70 hour weeks. I updated to the maxx so I could keep unlimited until i change phones again. Interestingly I speed tested when in Duluth on 4g and the speed was 8.87 mbps. A friend had ATT 4g and we did the same speed test on theirs and the speed was a little over e mbps . quite a difference. The signal strength was good in both cases.
  7. Honda Generator gas

    Should I use non-ethanol gas or do I need to use ethanol gas (10%). I am switching to non-ethanol gas for all my other small engines and do not know if it is OK with honda.
  8. Camping question...

    Any of the state parks will have nice sites and clean rest rooms. Most have boat or canoe rental, some by the park and some by vendors. St Croix State Park has two good rivers to fish, St Croix and the Kettle River. good shore fishing on both. Also an opportunity to see what a big wind can do.
  9. Looking for a campground

    East of Hinckley is St Croix Haven campground which is next to the St Croix river and many ATV trails including the Gandy Dancer. The trails link to many other loops and trails.
  10. pop-up camper

    Look to stores that rent pop up campers. I bought one from AARCEE in MPLS in 88 and used it for 20 years. I consider Coleman the best brand for pop ups
  11. High speed internet in the country

    I have had Starband (like Hughes) and then Wild Blue. I found Wild blue to be better. The maintenance policy on Starband was a bad deal so I did not do it on Wild blue, which is much better and I should have cause when something breaks after warranty it is very expensive or you have to start a new contract for 2 yrs and 200 dollars. I should have. I have also used data thru the cell phone and it was cheaper than both the others and was pretty good. Wild blue has a good download speed but has the satellite delay. Also with both you will find the upload much slower than the download. Wild blue had the better download speed. Check you the cell phone before jumping on the satellites.
  12. MN State Park Rules

    Can cooler so they can not be read and civility and you should have no problem. Don't force them to respond and they usually won't.
  13. ATT vs Verizon

    ATT may have better coverage in StLouis County since in the earlier days the service companies had territories set by the metro area status. Unicel (Cellular 2000)owned the rights to all of minnesota for all but the METRO area counties. Because Duluth was a metro area the whole ST Louis County was covered by another provider. UNICEl put up many more towers in their areas since they were owned by many smaller rural telephone companies. That is why I always had much better service in the outlying areas of the state that were not in metro counties. UNICEL and Verizon have shared towers for many years and Verizon bought out UNICEL to get their existing towers.
  14. Rustic Camping Retreat

    Try some state forest campgrounds. Often near empty on weekdays.
  15. Insurance for ATV

    I recommend not putting it on your homeowners. If you do and and have claims you may cause you insurance to be cancelled. I had 3 claims on being a stolen atv along with two other small claims and they cancelled. Also be sure to list anything attached is listed also. If not listed it will not be covered my either part of the insurance, the ATV part and the homeowners part. The homeowners will cover the loose items like tools with a second deductable. I lost 500 on a new winch (replaced old) 500 on the ATV insurance and another 300 on the tools etc. Also list anything that may be attached at some time. Best get a separate policy but do not put on your homeowners.