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  1. Youth turkey hunt video

    Nice video....congratulations!!!!
  2. Team #5

    Well boys I struck out this year. I ended up hunting a huge private property that had all the characteristics of a turkey mecca. My first two days I didn't even hear a single gobble. The third day I woke up and felt like a bus hit me. I mustered a little energy and ended up going out and tried the far reach of the property. I found an active gobbler along with a very vocal hen in roost. I creeped in and set up between him and her. Everything was looking good and I thought I would be filling a tag as soon as he flew down. As I waited I had a hen pop out of the wood line within 10 feet from me. I wasn't in a blind that morning and she instantly got suspicious being that incredibly close. She stood there next to me inspecting and putting what seemed like an hour. As she sat there squawking away, I heard Mr gobbler sneak around me through the woods and he popped out about 100 yards down the field line. I watched him prance and strut for about 45 minutes but couldn't get him to close. He ended up walking away with a couple hens and that was the last I seen of him. By the time I quit hunting for the day, I was in full sick mode...sneezing / coughing / head congestion / and a fever too boot. Packing my gear up hiking it out was probably the worst hunting experience I've ever had. I ended up getting out one last evening once the fever and chills broke but didn't see a thing...the birds probably heard me sneezing. Darn bird flu....hope the rest of the team has better luck than me.
  3. Team #5

    Nice job sniper...she'll be a gobble-holic for life!!!
  4. Team #5

    I'm getting super excited!!!! What season is everyone hunting? I'll be hunting season C ....April 25-29th.
  5. Team #5

    HSO/FM Team #5.....Cast of Characters benbosh Archerysniper MadyRocks12 - Y FrontenacPike hugonian1 Anyone a walking dead fan? Team name "The Walking Dead".....just an Idea
  6. Team #5

    Sniper...good to be paired up with you again :-) FrontenacPike checking in! I'll be hunting season C around the Lake City area. I just opened up my new AvianX decoy this morning and hot dang does she look good!!! I received my feeder hen and still waiting on my backordered breeder.
  7. Hen on a nest

    Cool photo!
  8. Team 4: "Beard Busters"

    Nice bird and great photo!
  9. Team 4: "Beard Busters"

    can't wait to hear the story and see the pics!!!
  10. Team 4: "Beard Busters"

    22 lbs 8.5 inch beard A bit over 3/4 inch spurs.
  11. HSO 2014 Turkey Quest Contest Submission Thread

    I looked at the beard pretty close because at first glance it does. I don't believe it's countable as two because there is no seperation. It appears the white scaley stuff that holds the beard together split all the way to the skin.
  12. 2014 HSO Wild Turkey Photo Contest

    Taken 04/17/14 @ 06:20, just minutes after I shot. I noticed the abnormality when I got home and viewed the picture on the computer. "Go towards the light my friend...all turkeys go to heaven!!!"
  13. HSO 2014 Turkey Quest Contest Submission Thread

    Team 4~~Beard Busters
  14. Team 4: "Beard Busters"

    Well Team, we are officially on the board!!! I want to apologize for the lack of posts from me, hopefully this bird will mend any hard feelings :-) Yesterday was a complete bust for me. I hunted a chunk of State Land that I've always had good luck on. I set up in the dark on a field point in a chopped corn field. The field runs north to south with a strip of grass about 50 yards wide surrounding the eastern side of the field edge. I had an active gobbler that was hot to trot on my calls but he refused to walk into the corn. He stayed somewhere on the south grass edge and gobbled at me for the whole morning. Around noon another hunter walked through and old loud mouth walked off in the woods. The other guy didn't realize what happened so I decided to make a move. I took my blind down and placed in the general area I thought loud mouth was hanging all morning. I also wasn't sure where the birds were roosting, so this morning I went to my blind in complete darkness. I waited silently in the dark until I heard a gobble from across the valley, probably 1 mile away pipe up. So not knowing where the local birds were roosting I let out 4 soft clucks at 06:00. To my underwear's surprise I had set up right under old Loud Mouth. He hammered back cutting my clucks off mid cadence. He continued to gobble at me for the next 10 minutes from the roost. At 06:10 a different turkey that hadn't said a word all morning was walking directly towards me aprox 80 yards out. Old Loud Mouth was still in the tree. The other bird let out a gobble after I did a small soft cadence of clucks. Old Loud mouth didn't like hearing another Gobbler closing in on his mysterious gal and quickly flew down inside the woods. He then ran into the field and met the other gobbler. The newly formed pair walked shoulder to shoulder towards my decoys. At this point they were both with in range but I needed a little separation so I didn't hit both. I got a lucky break right at the 45 yard mark and loud mouth speed up. I let out a home-made mouth cut and they both stopped and raised their heads. I let the Benelli rip that #5 and old Loud Mouth was silenced for good. I noticed this pic when I got home...definitely my favorite "Go to the light, my friend"
  15. Team 4: "Beard Busters"

    Hey guys sorry for the late check in....Work is interfering with my free time :-) I'm hunting Season A near Lake City Mn. I've got several spots lined up and plan on bouncing around till I find some active gobblers. Hopefully this weird spring doesn't effect the birds. Hooksters sounds good to me, but I'm just the new guy!!!