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  1. Also good luck with your dog. A good friend of mine lost his dog to blasto. They figured he got it up at the cabin on Vermillion as they had to have the septic system dug up and that disturbed the spores.
  2. Whether you go bow mount or transom mount will make a big difference.
  3. I replaced an igniter on an oven and it is pretty easy. Bought an oven for deer camp and stove top worked but igniter did not get hot enough to open the gas valve. $25 Amazon part and 20 minutes and it is now working like a charm. Stay away from OEM parts as they will cost $100 or so.
  4. Johnnies are blends and I will drink Red when mixing with water and want to have a few cocktails playing cards or sitting around the fire. The single malt sipping scotch I buy the most is MacAllan 12. Might have to try some of that Laphroaig as I like a smokey scotch now and then.
  5. Nice job. About 10-15 years ago we had to do the same thing while out pheasant hunting.
  6. Up by LOW the snow forecast is for only an inch or so. I wish it would be for a few more inches but it is what it is. I will be driving up Thursday afternoon and should be thru any nasty weather before it starts.
  7. I process my own deer and and grind my scraps to straight venison. We usually make hot dishes, tacos, venny lasagna, or some other dish and I prefer all venison. When I want a hamburger I either add egg to help it stick together but most of the time I buy a pound of hamburger for my hamburger. It all comes down to personal preference as there is no right or wrong answer.
  8. I think the biggest reason for more deer in the northern half of the state is a couple of mild winters. Up there Mother Nature makes the rules. I did actually see fewer deer this year than last year. This year was 4 and last year 5 for 8 days of hunting. Good thing was the last day each year provided me a small buck for the good eatin table.
  9. Picked up a new puppy Pudelpointer in early Sept. and we finally turned the corner. Have not had time to even surf the internet. Lots of fun but man you have to watch puppies constantly. I had forgotten how tiring the first month can be. Of course I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
  10. We get all the major channels with a roof OTA antenna several miles south of Williams by LOW so we can watch football games there. It will come down to your antenna.
  11. A holding tank is just another accepted form of septic. They can be used for seasonal or year round places. You should not have any issues. The only issue to watch for would be to make sure you do not have ground water leaking into it which would increase the number of times you would need to have it pumped out.
  12. Katmai sure is a cool place. Was there several years ago so I think I recognize that one bear. We also met up with a bear on the beach 10 yards away at one point. That is a little unnerving for sure. We will be back there again as we did not have time for the Valley of 10,000 Smokes. Make sure to spend as many summers as you can up there when you get the chance. They will go down as some of the best summers of your life - they were for me. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  13. Looking for a full size LP stove/oven for our deer camp. I am located in west metro but can travel some to pick up. Pay what is fair. Please offer.
  14. I had to replace the voltage regulator in my early 90's Mariner. It failed due to my battery being low which I guess is a common way for it to fail. I replaced it myself but then took it to my neighbor who has been my boat fixer guy and had him run diagnostics on my work to make sure it was all that was wrong.
  15. Very nice. I won't make it up there this summer which bums me out but it is what it is. Have a great summer.