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  1. Freezing rain?

    I think we have to be a bit further into April before they are on nest and we have worry about freezing rain. It's more of a chick killer than it is an adult grouse killer. I think the prarie birds are a bit more susceptible.
  2. any good venison brat recipes?

    There is a place called penzey spices in the cities that sells bulk spices. They are pretty reasonable and tasty. If you are making jalapeno cheddar brats let me suggest using high temp cheese. It holds together better when you cook so you get 'cheese' chunks instead of exra grease when you cook them. I get mine from the local meat market.
  3. Bear tag applications soon

    Nice Jonny...thanks for the heads up. I like to get that taken care of as soon as possible so I don't forget.
  4. I like the high mountain blends as well. I use the inferno and cajun on my pheasant jerky.
  5. Bear tag applications soon

    Bogwalker....where did you get the official word on the reduction of bear tags? Have they broken the reduction down by zones? I'd defnitely be interested. I've drawn a bear tag every year for the last decade, I'm hoping we don't turn into another Wisconsin.
  6. Bear tag applications soon

    I'm definitely looking forward to it. I've also been pouring over the topo maps and google earth looking for new places to hunt. Last year was a stinker with the ultra warm weather pretty well turning the bears off for the week I had to hunt. Still it was nice to get out with the boys and spend some time at the shack.
  7. Digging Holes again

    If they keep digging in the same hole you could try putting some dog doo in the bottom of it. That worked for my dogs. The old timers will tell you to fill any hole a dog digs with water and hold their head under for a while. A little much, but it might work. After catching my dog chewing up one of my favorite pairs of boots I took said boot and wore him out with it. On the plus side he never chewed another pair of boots, on the minus side he would hide out any time he saw me putting boots on for the next few months.
  8. My GSP born yesterday!!

    I've got one GSP that still acts like he was born yesterday. Does that count for anything?
  9. Cased Bows ?

    Good to know....I remember guys getting ticketed when I bowhunted Louisville swamp as a kid. The CO would wait next to the vehicles and have a field day when people came back from hunting after dark with uncased bows. I've been hauling along a soft bow case ever since. Every once in a while I'd forget it and walk on pins and needles back to the truck hoping nobody would be there to write me a ticket.
  10. how many shoot year round?

    Add one more for the basement brigade. When it's too cold to shoot outside I plunk about 20 arrows a day in the basement to keep the eye in shape.
  11. anybody lost a rod down the hole?

    I never leave a rod sitting unattended. If I'm getting up, I usually flip the seat down on it or otherwise strap it in. I have come back to find the pole doubled over with line ripping out on a few occasions.
  12. New O/U this year?

    Franchi isn't a bad gun, but it definitely isn't as high a quality as the B-guns. They don't cost as much either though.
  13. Trail Camera's

    Definitely worth the money. I love mine. The Cudde's used to be top shelf (and top dollar), but then their quality started slipping. I think moultries caught them in quality and they are definitely priced better.
  14. arrows

    I've got a high speed saw. Nice and cheap from the bargain cave at a certain sporting goods store. Add another vote for the bitz. I love mine. One thing you can't pay enough attention to is getting a nice flush seat for the inserts. That is where good broadhead flight is made.
  15. It's only been a month, and I'm already thinking about next season. Last weekend I reloaded 50#'s of #5's and I just ordered up a new e-collar. Anyone else still got the bug?