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  1. I think I had a about a 2" lip. I took (2) 1x2's the width of the door and nailed them together, and routered a 45 on the one side, basically making one of those threshold ramps above. Also routered a groove underneath to hide my propane line.
  2. What an odd first post. Someone must be looking for some SEO cred
  3. That's crazy!! Makes sense, but I've never actually heard anything about it.
  4. Calhoun
  5. The key is starting early so you only have to deal with little bits of snow at a time. For probably the last 15 years, we fish the same lake every year for early ice, so as soon as there is 6" of ice I get the 4 wheeler out and plow a super wide road to some of our early spots to allow it to freeze down. When you compare it to spots that'll have 6" of snow, the bare ice will build 2-3x's faster. About 5 years ago we had about 9-10" of ice, and then we got a pile of wet heavy snow, causing some major slush. It took two of us on the 4 wheeler to get enough weight/traction, but we spent about 8 hours one night plowing all the slush off for the road. Left behind when we were done was 6"+ of water, but it was -20 or so that night, and 24 hours later it had froze down solid on the road. It took over a week for everywhere else to freeze, but we had some great fishing while everyone else was dealing with slush.
  6. We used 1/4"x2 1/2" flat aluminum bar. Holes drilled on a press.
  7. Foam by mail dot com You can get custom sizes and the prices are really good.
  8. I might possibly agree with but only due to his inaction, and not due to any sort of legislation he would have supported.
  9. I'm 99% sure it was 5052. I'll check my receipts tonight and let you know if it was something different. I think part of the issue was the paper they used in between the sheets, which certainly didn't help. We cleaned spray foam ONCE. Never again! Amazing how much neater the guys spray when they are the ones doing the clean up
  10. After seeing increasingly terrible walleye fishing over the last couple weeks, I decided last weekend I was going to fish a new spot (that I'd never fished before) every single day. First night was a complete bust. With no specific species targeted, I set up the second afternoon in a 30' hole that is maybe 150 yards across, surrounded by shallow water and weeds. After getting the holes drilled in the house I dropped my Marcum and saw that there was a whole lot of something down there, 10' off the bottom. Nothing was biting, so after 15-20 mins I dropped the camera, and saw that it was LOADED with sunnies and crappies. Fish stacked up as far as you could see. They were extremely finicky, but over the next two days I did manage to snag some nice crappies, and a couple nice sunnies. Jigging would bring them in, but if you moved after they showed up on the Marcum, they were gone. And they would barely move the spring bobber. And one bonus 28" walleye that hit like a lake trout.
  11. Sorry, I'm a little late to the party on this one. We left a couple sheets of unpainted sheet aluminum sit outside over summer. Not for any real reason, they just got set down on the pallet, and we never moved them inside. When I went to install them on the ceiling, they were extremely corroded, and no amount of chemicals or sanding would get the corrosion off. I ended up having to buy new sheets. Even though the diamond plate requires a bit of upkeep, I think the flat aluminum would look 10x's worse after a couple years.
  12. I've always skipped the + wire on the harness. I like to keep systems isolated (ex: hydraulic pump, house lights, trailer lights). It eliminates problems down the road. What specific issues are you having? I THOUGHT I was having wiring issues with mine, but it turns out it was a safety/lockout "feature" on my truck (Chevy). 800 seems spot on, as does the 6200#. Put a 21' Yetti on a scale...I've heard from multiple people that it isn't even close to what they claim. Not to mention their hydraulic system is janky.
  13. Love the house! My next build just may have to be an aluminum frame, depending on cost. Regarding the trailer wires...are you hoping for the + from the truck to charge your house batteries?
  14. Do you have wheel well covers for a hydraulic house, and you have a crank down?
  15. Am I the only one confused by the original question? Wheel covers too short?