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  1. When to buy wheelhouse

    Watch for the Ice Castle auctions coming up in spring. I've seen 20'+ houses go for under $10k with regularity. There will be a big one at the factory in Montevideo, which is a lot of their warranty returns & demos. Regarding quality, the frames themselves are way better than pre-2010. But you also have to understand that in an Ice Castle, the frame is the best part of the house. It is still a gamble if you are getting an okay one, or a total POS. Edit to add: Henslin is doing the Montevideo auction 4/28 at 9:30am. Google will find the details for you.
  2. Do Grease Zerts Even Work?

    They work really well, but need to be use frequently. Mobil 1 is my grease of choice. What you may look at doing, if you haven't already, is grinding a groove in the shaft for the grease to have a place to set.
  3. Fish House rv Build

    I was looking into that flooring when I did my last build. Which product did you use? "Versatile"?
  4. Ice Castle vs Firebrand vs Yetti

    I'm a huge fan of the Ecoboost. I had one in my 2011 F150 and loved it. Good chance it'll be in my next truck, as well.
  5. Ice Castle vs Firebrand vs Yetti

    Yep. You are definitely wrong. I'd post my towing resume for you, but I just don't think that is really necessary.
  6. Ice Castle vs Firebrand vs Yetti

    You are right. I should have been more clear in my post. It isn't the motor that is the limiting factor in the half ton. It's the extra weight, wheel base, more stout brakes, stiffer shocks, etc. that make the big difference in the 3/4 and 1 tons. Any of the half ton motors will certainly get the load moving without a problem. I personally don't like the gas options in any of the big trucks, so I skipped those and went straight to the diesel. Your mileage may vary, but I do still stand by my opinion that the 7,000# range is pushing half ton limits for safety. Both are excellent, but only Berkon is building aluminum right now.
  7. Ice Castle vs Firebrand vs Yetti

    I'm absolutely serious. Every single person I know personally who has bought a 21'+ house has upgraded to a diesel with their next truck. Or, they've downsized on the house. Take a look at the Ice Castles you see upside down. I've yet to see one that wasn't being towed by a half ton, or SUV. Towing a 11' tall sail that weighs in at 7,000+ pounds in a cross wind and ice or snow is recipe for disaster in a half ton. I've done it plenty, and there is a huge difference once you get up to the diesel.
  8. Ice Castle vs Firebrand vs Yetti

    If you are thinking 8x20 tandem, the weight savings is substantial for the Yetti vs castle. Pretty sure the Yetti has an advertised (I have no idea if it is accurate) weight of 4700-4900#, and the castles are coming in at 6-7k+. That is the difference between towing easily with a half ton on the low end, and starting to need to think about a diesel on the high end for safety and ease of towing. Yes, I realize that every half ton out there is saying they can tow 12k. It simply is not safe on MN roads in winter conditions. Weight aside, quality of craftsmanship and materials isn't even in the same area code. Even if they were dead even in weight, a full aluminum structure is going to substantially outlast a wood framed house, especially a wood house built with the lack of attention to detail as the castles. It doesn't take long on the famous search engine to find plenty of stories about leaks, lack of insulation causing condensation, and frame flex causing gaps in the siding-creating a perfect channel for water. Another good one to look into is Legend. Similar full aluminum structure, but a Berkon frame underneath.
  9. Ice fishing atv - Polaris Sportsman - Yay/nay/alternative?

    Some would call me a Honda fanboy, which is probably true, but they are a true workhorse for ice fishing. We have 5 or 6 of them (300, 400, and 450s) in the family, and I have yet to ever hear of a single problem with any of them. The solid axle means you can tow dang near anything, and you don't have to mess with worn out belts like some of the others. Good tires are obviously important, but chains on all 4 are more important.
  10. 2017 Fish House Build

    We tape the studs around the window opening, and then get the window in place, and clamp it down for a day or so. Then the siding gets cut up to the actual window, or maybe just 1/8" short. Then the diamond plate trim over the top. Once everything is in place, you'd have a really hard time seeing the slight outward bow caused by the tape and nailing flange. With wood studs, you may want to look at a stainless fastener through the diamond plate, siding, and flange.
  11. Atv for towing shack

    If towing a fish house is high on your priority list, I would begin and end my search with a Honda manual shift. I agree with Wanderer's take on the Honda being a bit cold blooded. Once I realized that there is a manual primer built into the carb, that problem went away. We've pulled up to 27' houses with our 2004 450. Chain up all 4 and go!
  12. Forced air furnace in fish house

    These guys pretty much covered it. The Suburban NT20SQ is a good unit, and is nice and quiet, without drawing a ton of power. If you are needing batteries soon, I'd highly suggest picking up the (2) GC2 6 volt golf cart batteries from Sam's Club for around $85/each. That'll get you 230 amp hours, so you can run an easy 3-4 day weekend without drawing down your batteries too much. Plan your cabinet to have adequate return air venting, and clearance around the furnace and vents. Acoustic foam makes a huge difference in terms of noise.
  13. Have Lake Specific Forums Run Their Course?

    I think you are right with the moderation of Facebook pages. With forums (in general), it seems like moderators just delete individual posts, or ban certain users. It seems like what happens more often than not with the Facebook posts is that they'll start off with good info, but 20 mins later some Richard comes along, and the admins just delete the entire post rather than delete certain comments. Forums are still very much alive and well, and have a tremendous value with being able to retain content....I just don't see them being replaced by social media (in it's current format).
  14. Have Lake Specific Forums Run Their Course?

    I couldn't agree more. The Facebook pages are just ridiculous....all of them. Surprising to me, given the fact that people are using their real names and what not. Back when this site was popular, it was a great resource for all things hunting and fishing, and there were a lot of great friendships made. Now it is but a shell of it's former greatness, but I'd sure like for it to get back on track!
  15. Thermo switch to operate fan in fish house

    We use a line voltage thermostat, with it set in the "cool" position. Once it hits the set temp the thermostat kicks the fan on, until it gets below the set point. Works pretty well.