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  1. I know I didn't pay $28 each for the trolley. Maybe half that. On the lake so I can't look up where I got them right this second. Menards has the strut channel and a bunch of accessories.
  2. I have amplified exterior speakers, and a very special Boyz II Men album I've held on to for the last 20 years for "that guy"!
  3. Another classic! Here's one that I just found out about last weekend. A person I fish with frequently bought a new "exact Honda copy" Chinese made generator 2 seasons ago. It was barely cheaper (like $600 instead of $900). The enterprising salesperson insisted that it used Honda parts. From day 1 it sounded more like a 1990 Cummins diesel at -40 than a Honda. It supposedly was an inverter style, but it didn't ever idle down, regardless of the load on it. This summer he decided he was going to do something about it, so ordered about $100 worth of (Honda) parts. They sat on the shelf for a bit before he got to it, come to find out none of them fit, and it was outside the return window for the parts. Long story longer, he gave up, sold the parts for peanuts, sold the generator for $150, and bought a Honda. Had he bought the Honda right away (like I insisted), he would have spent $900 instead of the $600+100+900-150. His Honda ultimately cost him $1,450.
  4. That's a good little tip. I'll have to give it a try.
  5. Geez...we must fish the same lakes Both of these posts above have become common now that "ice castling" has become the latest fad and everyone and their mother is on the ice. There is an abnormally large % of those with the shiny new toy who chose only to save money on their generator, but spend as much as they possibly can on their truck and fish house. I can spot them from a mile away...3-4 guys get out of the truck, they circle around the fish house a few times wondering how to get it lowered to the ice, then they finally figure it out, and 2 of the guys offload the residential home backup generator and carry it 100 yards away, 150 pulls later they get it fired up, and I only know because it's so loud it rattles the dishes in my cabinets.
  6. I suspect you haven't visited this year or seen the reports. And, for the record, I didn't say I was catching "tons" on Mille Lacs, but it was the best lake I've visited in the last two years. And it wasn't even close.
  7. I have both. The drawer slides work well, but they do open up sometimes going across the lake. I don't think I've ever had a cabinet door open, though.
  8. You'll be fine with the door in the V. I heard at one point that the Lake of the Woods edition was Ice Castle's most popular layout. I know I see tons of them, but you will have to take some precautions. I use a Towtector on my truck, which keeps the majority of the slush down. A piece of tape or a tennis ball over the door knob is also done frequently. Other than that, you'll have icing and freezing of your door, regardless of where you put it. Just the nature of the doors we use.
  9. I doubt they make much difference in towing, and the actual research says that they don't, and may be worse. Do a search for "frontal area" on your favorite search engine for an explanation. I like the V front for the bathroom area. It works out to be about the perfect amount of space.
  10. Haven't weighed it. Catching tons of fish. Just had an awesome weekend up on Mille Lacs. Going back up this weekend. Then it's off to Gull for the big tournament.
  11. Perfect post. I saw on Facebook that they had just installed a new heater, and cut some idea if it was from a reliable source. Bottom line...for $20 this death wouldn't have happened. I cringe every time I hear about someone using a ventless heater. If you go that route, or even if you have a vented heater, get a digital readout CO detector, and look at it from time to time. If it reads anything other than 0 figure out what is going on.
  12. I think you mean that the forums used to have the 'I caught tons of fish on this lake in this spot' posts, and those have gone away because people have seen what happens. If that's what you meant, then I fully agree. The forums are slowly dying, but I do think the forums probably have more long time fishermen, in comparison to the Facebook groups. Our sport is booming in popularity, and Facebook is the lounge for newbies. They haven't learned that you can't post your location with a bucket full of fish.
  13. I should add, my first post is pertinent to the sustainability conversation, because even though a fishery may have acceptable pressure and fish populations for many years, all it takes is a couple posts to throw things completely out of whack. I'm sure we can all give plenty of examples.
  14. I cringe every time I see the name of a lake posted on any of the Facebook pages I follow. A few years ago a lake near me was kicking out 8-9" crappies as fast you could get your line down. Once it hit Facebook, the entire metro area was on that lake, and now there are very few crappies left. Of course, the guys keeping over their limits, and keeping allowed limits every single day didn't help things any. There were plenty of both types of people.
  15. I am a huge fan of Blanton's! I don't delve into the bourbon very often, as I have a hard time drinking it slowly enough to remain upright for long.