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  1. Thermo switch to operate fan in fish house

    We use a line voltage thermostat, with it set in the "cool" position. Once it hits the set temp the thermostat kicks the fan on, until it gets below the set point. Works pretty well.
  2. Amount of lp used in subzero weather?

    It just plain works awesome. A group of 4 showed up to visit and the 2 ladies had freezing cold feet. They looked at me pretty funny when I told them to take off their boots and stand on the floor. Within about 2 minutes they were warm!
  3. Amount of lp used in subzero weather?

    I typically get 3 full 24 hour days out of a 30#, but this last weekend had an abnormal amount of visitors coupled with the extreme cold, so it was about 48 hours per 30#. I don't think they were quite empty, but they were as low as they were going to get at -30.
  4. Locking your fish house?

    I always thought this to be true, until I was up on Winnie last year. In the middle of the day a very skilled DNR officer came flying up from directly in front of my house (blind side), parked 5' from my door, and was out of his truck before it even stopped moving. He was looking in the windows literally instantly. Once he saw I had 1 line down, checked my license and nearly empty fish bucket, he was on his way to blind side the next house. It was kind of cool watching him...he was quite strategic about it.
  5. Electronic lock for fish house

    My preferred method for frozen locks is a hair dryer. The torch works to get them thawed and get you in the house, but they will freeze right up again since the water is still there. The hair dryer will actually help dry the water, and you have a little bit better odds of not needing it the next time. You can use the torch to try to evaporate the water, but odds are really good that you'll melt some foam in your door (don't ask how I know).
  6. Fish House Build

    This is a super good idea!
  7. Wheel House build

    We've done both a wall vent, and a powered roof vent with a built in fan. The roof vents are far easier to come by, since virtually every RV out there has a couple of them.
  8. 2017 Fish House Build

    Sorry, I'll try to get it figured out, but I won't have any time for the next month with hunting season and work. In floor heat worked perfectly, but we do have an updated design with a couple tweaks to it.
  9. 2017 Fish House Build

    I would have to find a new photo host besides Photobucket, and I don't really want to deal with finding a new host and re-doing all the links.
  10. 2017 Fish House rv Build

    Looks like it turned out really nice! Good work!
  11. Performance Engineering fish houses

    You won't regret the galvanized frame!
  12. Performance Engineering fish houses

    One thing you may want to look at is the portable AC units. I picked up a Whynter 14,000 BTU (ARC 14-S) off the recommendation of someone on this site for $335. The plastic plate that mounts in the window for the vent hoses needs to be about 6"x24", so should work with some of the smaller windows. You could probably configure it with your own custom plate to work with about any size. My house is roughly 1,344 cubic feet (8'w x 8't x 21' l) and it works pretty well, but I wouldn't use it in anything bigger. One nice thing about the portable unit is that it works with the 2,000 watt generators (I take mine off eco mode), and many of the roof mounts won't.
  13. When the Breaker comes through.

    My cousin and I were the ones who helped get them out of there. It was quite a messy situation!
  14. 6.5 creedmoore

    I picked up a 6.5 creedmoor in a Kimber Montana last fall for a super lightweight 0-400 yard deer/antelope gun. It is definitely the hot "new" cartridge in shooting circles due to the really good ballistics and low recoil. And extreme accuracy. I doubt the cartridge is going anywhere any time soon. Virtually all the big manufacturers are building one now.
  15. Weight loss plans

    It's not a drug. It does, however, cause a similar reaction in the brain as some types of drugs, and can be quite addictive.