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  1. It's been going on for years. Just look at how many times the Howard Stern show has pranked the news with fake guests.
  2. Maybe some people feel a lbgt,, black lives matter, sierra club, feminist, white guilt, supported candidate better represents them than say an NRA endorced candidate.
  3. Pretty easy choice who to vote for when a Democrat is running.
  4. If it's gonna be in a boat isn't the boat going to be covered with some kind of blind? Dog has to be able to see the ducks, keep in mind.
  5. Donald Trump is the best ever at making the left cry.
  6. Or the shame of driving a Government Motors vehicle forced him to try to end it all Which way would that be? Sideways?
  7. Great, another Jimmy Carter
  8. I was rooting for Detroit-X, too. darn shame. Blame semi-whitey
  9. Hey DNC, what better way to reach the middle working class white voters who elected Trump than to vote in a Black Muslim as the head of the party! Awesome!
  11. Any network that tries to alter the election by feeding debate questions to a candidate ahead of time, is no better than Russia.......