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  1. I forgot to mention the carrots. I have likely the best crop of carrots that I have ever had. I don't think I have ever harvested carrots this large this early before.
  2. Garlic, peas, tomatoes, onions, beats, are doing quite well. Beans, corn, cabbage are OK. Broccoli and vine crops poor.
  3. So is the garlic planted in Itasca or Stearns Co.? I am in St. Louis co and the scapes will start around now in my neck of the woods. Let them grow till they form a full curl and then point back straight up. It takes a week or so from start to cutting time. Not all plants form scapes at the same time so it may be difficult to hit the right time on one trip. I am finishing a two week vacation so I would guess mine will be started when I get home.
  4. I've been doing this for twenty plus years and am absolutely sold on this method.
  5. My 14 Ecoboost was dumping fuel into the crankcase. After as few as 400 miles on an oil change it had 4 to 6% fuel in the oil. The oil level would rise on the stick immediately after a change. The oil reeked of fuel. The lab that tested the oil said the lubricating properties of the oil was extremely compromised. The dealer replaced all the injectors and the high pressure fuel pump and it did not help. There is a known issue with fuel dilution on direct injection engines but not to the point that mine had. Ford bought it back and I now have a 5.0.
  6. By this statement in the regs, I guess I would interpret that a permit issued for a zone would be valid for either muzzle or firearms. I am not a muzzleloader so I have not paid close attention before but they sure could (should) make it clearer is this is not the case. Successful applicants will receive a postcard in the mail authorizing them to take an either-sex deer using their regular license in that lottery deerarea.The authorization will be valid for both the firearm or muzzleloader season; however, you must still have a valid license for that season.
  7. From the regs- Regular muzzleloader license—any hunter can buy a muzzleloader license, including people who have purchased a firearm license. The license is valid for either-sex deer in any hunter choice, managed, or intensive area. In lottery areas, you must have an either-sex permit to take an antlerless deer.
  8. I gave mine a week and then mulched. For me, its kind of a guessing game. I don't think you want to mulch real warm ground and have the garlic grow too much under that mulch and on the other hand you don't want to let the ground start freezing. I'm sure there is an ideal soil temp, but I guess I don't know what that is. I mulched on a morning that we had frost on the ground. I don't think you want a couple of weeks of warm sun to really get it growing.
  9. I planted my garlic today. My gut tells me it is too early but this is the first time in at least a month that the soil conditions were such that I could work the soil. I have always gone with the old adage that if the mosquitoes are flying it is too early to plant garlic. Well I planted even thought I got bit to hell today while planting. I am hoping the temp starts dropping.
  10. Fabulous looking Romas. I have a good crop coming but they are just starting to turn. Your crop is making my mouth water!
  11. I have heard of this and will maybe give it a shot but my wife does all the cutting and is so efficient with a serrated knife I hate to mess with a good thing.
  12. The harvest has started. Average size is over two inches with many over 2.5.
  13. What a wonderful issue to have. I am a ways away from ripe tomatoes but I do believe I have a great crop coming. We got dumped on with 4 inches of rain over the last week but not nearly what the stretch from Brainerd to northern Wisconsin got last night.
  14. I would imagine that I will start to see my scapes soon. I have one of the best crops of garlic going that I have ever had. White Porcelain in the foreground and German Red in the background.
  15. It is there in the regs, but many don't pay any attention. From the regs- "No person may possess a firearm or ammunition outdoors beginning the fifth day before the open deer firearms season and ending the second day after the close of the season where deer may be taken by firearms, except: • A person hunting big game with a valid firearms big game license in possession. • Possession is also legal under these conditions: › An unloaded firearm that is cased or in a closed trunk of a motor vehicle. › A shotgun and shells containing No. 4 buckshot or smaller. › A handgun or rifle with .22 caliber short, long, or long rifle, magnum or .17 caliber rimfire cartridges. › Handguns possessed by a person with a permit to carry. › On a target range or under a target range permit issued by a conservation officer." The guy may have shot at the deer and may have not. I really don't think he would have been afield on the wheeler if he had just shot a deer. But there are way too many suspicious shots. I was on stand the other night when there was a single shot ten minutes after sunset. Pretty sure that wasn't sighting in.