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  1. Well you also assume that all companies are created equal. There are some that are sticking with it and if you hypothesis is correct, they are bleeding money at this very moment. Folks tend to think that just because one or more companies can't make money at something at this time no one is. I am going to go out on a limb and say there is most likely some differences in administration of plans that are sold on the Exchanges and those that are sold completely on the open market. I am also going to assume that some companies that are still in the Exchanges have set themselves up better to handle the differences in administering these plans on the Exchanges. If every company was always managed and administered the same would still see Edsels, Studebakers, Willys Jeep and Oldsmobile cars being manufactured and sold.
  2. I know some people who work in finance. Making money, losing money, depends on how you present the numbers. You and I will never know for sure.
  3. How many times have companies held onto product or service that they could have made money on, waiting for bigger and better things to come?
  4. in the exchange or not, people are mandated to have a plan.
  5. True and true, but we are talking about Affordable Care. And the context is "if we want to extend it to everyone". Not going to work any other way to get costs down and keep them down. Mandating coverage was stoopid, once you have a captive audience they ins companies have free run of the show on plan prices.
  6. Anything healthcare plan that has it mandated that you have a plan with an insurance company is not going to be an "Affordable Care Act" insurance companies are in the business to make money not provide affordable care. You ever notice that a couple of the biggest proponents of the "ACA" were the healthcare organizations and plan providers? You wonder why? $$$$ Single Payer, Socialized Medicine etc is the only way we are ever going to get healthcare costs down. If we truly want extend healthcare to everyone and make it affordable, need to take profits out of the picture. That includes insurance companies and also the for profit healthdcare outfits. Even the many/most facilities are non/not for profit they still want to grow the business etc(top execs get pretty good bonuses) and expand. Expand Medicare(rename if it need be) and tax EVERYONE appropriately to cover it. This non sense that some should get a free ride is nutz. And everyone needs to be prepared for the paring down and availability of services etc.
  7. I haven't consumed alcohol in years(my choice for me only), but this law as it stands is stupid and archaic. The argument that it will cost stores more is just plain dumb, don't want to pay someone to work there on Sunday, don't open on Sunday, changing the law wouldn't force them to be open, still some choices here. And this concept of trying to protect people from themselves doesn't work, in areas that border states that sell it could be worse. People doing a Sunday beer run may not be totally sober and now they are driving further. Not so sure that makes sense.
  8. One thing with Internet speeds is you are only as fast as the slowest bottleneck. And for the most part their speeds are measured from your house to their edge router. Past that you are fighting the wild wild west as far as speeds go. With the propensity of so much streaming it is overwhelming the Internet backbone, just can't handle all the stuff from the likes of netflix. I work in Networking and we have had to ask the ISP we use to route traffic around certain network segments as they were really slowing down the traffic for some of our customers. Speed tests are good, but again they traverse the Internet in the same way any other traffic does. There actual formulas out there that can tell you your actual throughput compared to your "connection speed" using network latency. Eye opening at times, people are paying for 50 MB connections and latency can easily knock actual download speeds to less than half that.
  9. And your point is? Cherry picking?
  10. I have never tried to point to just one side of the isle. There are a lot of things that happen that throw the markets into a tizzy. Blaming a political party is too simple. AKA blame the other guy. As compared to the beginning of the current warming period? This may lend a little perspective.Ancient sea levels This too. US fish and game.
  11. Too bad that some jackassses feel the need to be judge, jury and executioners. Obviously enough to really pizz a person off, but for the most part letting people like that live in your head for long does no one any good, especially you and your wife.
  12. I have never tried to point to just one side of the isle. There are a lot of things that happen that throw the markets into a tizzy. Blaming a political party is too simple. AKA blame the other guy.
  13. That is speculation at best at this point. I am not saying they didn't hack into the DNC, but no proof.
  14. Geez.....really? Do you really believe that a recession just happens overnight? Wow!
  15. So you are saying Clinton wanted WikiLeaks shut down and Assange is missing might not be a coincidence? Hmmmm....