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  1. Smoked Polish Sausage

    Thank you Sir.
  2. Smoked Polish Sausage

    There is some very good reading here. I have been away way to long!!! Rienhard you refer to your blog. Where do I find that at? Probably right in front of me and I just don't see it...LOL
  3. license

    Sorry to disagree with you Mike but I would like to see that ticket. The book clearly states: "All ATVs operated in Minnesota must be registered with the DNR, including those used exclusively on private property" Take notice to the word "operated".
  4. Help me ID these ice jigs

    Nope they not Angel Eyes.
  5. Help me ID these ice jigs

    Those look like Bait Rigs Walleye Willow spoons.
  6. Wire Colors - Need Help Please

    Using the item that Whoaru99 gave you a link to there is no need to cut anything. You can use the alligator clips to connect to your battery and then you just plug your car charger in. If you don't like the alligator clips you can change them out to hook to your battery. No need to cut your car charger either way.
  7. Wire Colors - Need Help Please

    As mentioned above you simple hook up the cig plug to the positive and neg post on the battery. Then use your car charger as you normally would. I have done it several times for other uses. It can be used on the smaller 12v batteries.
  8. Lure to Line Connection

    Pretty much exactly what I follow as well.
  9. Beretta shot gun info wanted

    I have that very gun in a trap model with a 6 oz shock absorber in the stock. Sweet shooting and I have had no problem with it at all. As mentioned before, any gun will rust if not taken care of. Finger prints and sweat is often times one of the worst things on a gun.
  10. Getting Ready for Ice season

    Yes it is getting closer then we think.
  11. First off I agree in that it sounds like the tach needs to be either replaced or calibrated. I also run the Optimax 225 in the Salt Water Edition and according to Mercury it should never be ran over 5500 RPMs. As for mileage, at least with mine, at 5500 RPMs I will be burning approx. 48.8 Gph. or more. But if backed down to 4400 RPMs she only burns 11.7 – 11.9 GPH. With gas at near $3.00/gallon I run it a bit lower! When running at 4400 – 4600 I am still running right around GPS speed of 45–50 mph with three people in the boat. I have no or very little roaster tail. Put your boat just on a plane, back the throttle down to about ½ - ¾ and then begin trimming it up while watching both your tach and your speed on your gps. You will reach a point where the tach will climb but your speed will either drop or not increase. At that point trim it back down just a bit or back the throttle off a bit. Depending on what boat you have this on you may have to trim it down when turning some corners or in very rough water. I know that I have to do that on mine or it will spin out no matter what prop I put on it. A good trim gauge is also helpful. I hope that makes sense as it is harder to explain this then I thought.
  12. We may look at this for either late this fall or early in the spring. They will most likely be in kits of 100 pcs.
  13. If you are in the area.

    Hemlock, Please drop me an email with your phone number on it! It's that time!!!!!!!!!