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    Wild Turkey Photos

    This is the bird I called in for my buddy this morning. He saw the decoy at 80 yards and hung up. It took at least twenty minutes of soft clucks and purrs to close to thirty yards where he made the shot. i understood why he was so wary when I saw those spurs. 1.25"each side and really sharp and hooked. true limb hanger.
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    MN Rifle Buck 2017

    Can't believe I have to be the first to post pics! 2 weekends in the books and our group did fairly well. My sister shot an 8pt opening night, I shot this one Wednesday morning, and my dad shot a doe Friday night. Overall we have a lot of fawns around our place, which is encouraging for future populations. Hoping this winter is an easier one and most of them will make it through. I shot this buck at 9am out in a 4 year old clear cut. He was chasing a group of does that looked like it consisted of a 2.5yo, 1.5yo, and a fawn. Kind of weird to see the does all together with a buck chasing them, but it all worked out. He stopped at 60 yards and I took the first shot, second shot I put in his body somewhere but couldn't tell where. I gave it 45 minutes and then went to look for blood. Spot of the first shot I saw I shot through a 1/2" sapling at least 20ft in front of the deer, so I think the first shot missed, no blood or hair. I then went to the spot of the second shot and only found a small piece of fat. My face was probably white as a ghost, I felt sick. I continued to follow his tracks in the snow, and found decent blood where he jumped over a log. Dark blood with more spots of fat. If I had my head on straight I would've remembered that this was a sign of a gut shot deer, but my head was swimming and I just slowed down but kept moving. Some how, I got extremely lucky though as I was able to spot the buck lying down 50 yards away through the thick poplars. His head was still up and moving so I quickly put another shot into the shoulder area, and that was it for him. Ended up being like I thought, missed the first shot, second shot was guts, and the last was right in the front shoulder. Being in the clear cut when the deer first came out and not wanting to spook the does, I was unable to get a full look at his antlers before shooting. So walking up on him was a very pleasant surprise, with no ground shinkage! He weighed 207 field dressed and has some really cool palmation on the one side. Thinking back on it, I couldn't understand how the my shots where that far off and so inconsistent. Before the season sighting in the rifle, I had it doing decent on paper, but still inconsistent. I didn't have a solid bench rest so I thought it was just me. So the day after I shot this buck, I shot a box of shells through on a good solid rest and the gun was all over the place. Missing paper and very inconsistent. I knew I didn't have that much influence on the rifle in the rest, so once I took it into Scheels in Minot and they ended up pulling the scope off and sending both the scope and rifle in to get inspected. Weird deal, never had any problems like that. The rifle is a Remington 700 CDL in 25-06, brand new 4 years ago. Scope is a Vortex Viper 4x12, brand new 4 years ago.
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    Wild Turkey Photos

    So proud of my 93 year old dad. It's getting tougher and tougher just getting him out there, but he still knows what to do once there.
  4. 11 points

    Morgan's first deer

    My little girl, Morgan, is now 10 years old and able to hunt in MN. She put a perfect shot on a doe last night and she only made it about 50 yards before we watched her drop. She and I are both thrilled with the outcome!
  5. 10 points

    Badlands np Bighorns/Rushmore Goat

    We took a family trip out to the Black Hills and saw some bighorn rams in the Badlands and a Mountain goat at Mt Rushmore. There was a group of 5 rams bedded along side the road just before sundown. I got a few pics before someone got too close and the rams got up and moved off. I returned at sunrise the next morning and two of the rams had returned and eventually bedded down where I could get a couple of shots with the Badlands in the background. Beautiful animals in a great background! Sundown shots: Sunrise shots: A Mt. Rushmore mountain goat: The west is a picture takers paradise for sure!
  6. 10 points

    Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    After 3 dreary, windy, cold frustrating days trying to get my dad a bird, this big jake finally walked in front of his gun this morning. That's 3 in the last 4 years. Not bad for a 93 year old. Thanks to a landowner who put us in position this morning. He's called the last two days and said we need to get over there. Watching birds from his deck every morning. Now I can start trying again to fill my archery tag.
  7. 9 points

    Cooking Elk

    When I grill elk I marinade the meat before hand. Just google elk marinade and you'll find a lot of them but the basic principles of the marinades are all the same, oil and acid. Then you can flavor them in various ways. When grilling I aim for med-rare. I find that for every inch of thickness you should grill them for 3-4 minutes per side. So a one inch thick steak gets 3 minutes per side and 6 minutes total on the grill. You can test them by pressing on them, the meat should feel soft but spring back when pushed on. Another option I do on occasion is cut the steaks into medallions the thickness of a slice of bacon. I marinade them in apple cider for a couple hours and then in bbq sauce for a couple hours. Then wrap them in bacon and hold the bacon on with a toothpick. Grill them for the same 3 minutes per inch of thickness. This is probably my favorite way of doing it but takes a bit more prep. This was one of my elk meals.
  8. 9 points

    Your Three Best Photos

    Three favorites at the moment. By the time they upload, I may change my mind.
  9. 8 points

    MN Rifle Buck 2017

    My son's forky shot yesterday morning. her was holding out for at least a basket 8 but the last day was any horns.. Last year it was a spike, this year a fork, next year a 6 or better.
  10. 8 points

    Wy Antelop

    My brother, son, a buddy, and I did a public land, unguided antelope hunt in Wyoming this August. It was a GREAT trip and we had a blast. Pics below.
  11. 8 points

    Eclipse Totality

    Made it down to Missouri to visit a friend and witness the eclipse. Cool event overall. I had a tripod malfunction seconds before totality began so all of my shots were handheld at 600mm so I know they could be better. I still am happy with the results though.
  12. 8 points

    Blue Heron Encounter

    I was out early to a pond to photograph some wood ducks when a great blue heron landed on a log and started fishing. It was very close and filled the frame on a beautiful morning just before sunrise (the pond had a layer of mist just over the water). One of those days when it all came together. It walked around the log and eventually caught a couple of fathead minnows and then took off across the pond.
  13. 7 points

    Attn: MN Gun Deer Hunters

    Party hunting is one of the things that biund families together and built life long hunting traditions. Why on Earth would you want to end that and have everyone hunt in isolation? We need more of hunters coming together and sharing experiences and not less. If all you get out of hunting is obsessing over bigger and bigger deer you are missing out on what hunting is all about.
  14. 7 points

    Spring... or... ?????

    We didn’t spend nearly as many nights on the ice but I/we have been out at least once every weekend that I can remember. I’d like to think I’m gonna keep going but March is going to be a really busy month for work so we’ll see. And you’re still married! That’s good! There’s another technique to getting your fishing in and stay married - get her into it. My wife was craving the ice season this year and she HATES winter. Last weekend she put on a show with her hand me down crappie rod, landing 5 nice pike. She didn’t wanna leave the lake come Sunday. Oh, and of course the biggest walleye. On a lake not known for walleye. I get home from work a few minutes ago and see a new ice rod and reel on the table. I ask, where did this come from? She says, I bought it; I needed a new one. I says, but I gave you two already. She says, not like this one. My hand me downs aren’t good enough anymore.
  15. 7 points

    Fish House Build

    Been reading on here for a couple years now and following others build threads that motivated me to build my own, so posting this to hopefully motivate someone like me to get started on their own! Started it this summer and put it aside for too long but but back at it. It’s a 8x14 +2’V. Here’s some pics Bought the frame from a guy on hsolist for a pretty good price last winter. coated with a rust remover and then herculiner Spray foamed the floor but put 1” foam over the frame to hopefully keep from having cold spots, didn’t put foam across it all as I’d rather have the spray foam attached to the floor ply than foam insul. 3/4” plywood for the floor. 2x3 studs for the walls Even though I spray foamed the inside, decided for whatever reason to put 1/4” ply up. Doing it again i would probably leave that out to save a little weight. Pro rib steel with 2’ diamond plate. HDPE in the wheel wells. Rubber roof Sprayed it myself with a kit. Thought it turned out pretty well but a few areas didn’t get it as thick as I wanted. I’ll be putting a layer of the fiberglass insul behind the paneling to fill the studs completely. Here’s where it’s at today. I’ll be installing the rubber floor and finishing up the wiring today. Plenty of work left but it’s starting to look like a fish house! Thanks for reading along and I’ll try post updates as it goes from here. Hoping for two weeks from today to be done with everything!
  16. 7 points

    Time for a smoke

    Smoked these yesterday timed it just right and they were ready at halftime
  17. 7 points

    Tagged out in nd

    Ryan finally got an opportunity on the last night of the ND season. He did good! He and I are on Cloud 9 about it. His biggest buck by far!
  18. 7 points
    Surface Tension

    Kdrill or Nils

    It wasn't easy. I had to marry a Finn and be in good standing with MIL to get my foot in the door. I then meet Matti Nykänen at a Pikkujoulu Party when he noticed I had a new Nokia phone and asked to see it. We talked for hours about our ski jumping days over a loaf of Pulla. Later the conversation turned to ice fishing and Nils Master. His uncle was a sharpener in Finland and planned to come to the USA and sharpen. Said he could make a lot of money. Turned out he wasn't authorized by Nils Master and his true intent was to smuggle brown bread in the US and in doing so lost his visa. It was a huge embarrassment to his family and to Finland. Finland needed a sharpener in the US but I was a Norwegian. After some arm twisting by my MIL I was allowed to be trained but I had to sign a sworn document not to pass anything on to either Norway or the Russians. Even then I wasn't allowed to see how the blade was made, only how to sharpen and reshape a blade that needed reshaping. Retire, exercise and a Finnish Brown Bread is the key to a long life and you don't need to smuggle it. I order it online from New York and it keeps good for years.
  19. 7 points

    Super Frost Moon

    I've had this church, Atlanta Church, near Ulen in mind for this for about two years. Finally, had a super moon with better weather conditions to give it a go. With the bright warm sunny day, there was a lot of convection coming off the field giving the shots a wavy painted look. As the moon rose and the temperature dropped, sharper images were possible. I did get distracted by a snowy owl and missed the actual moon rise. CC welcome.
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    Time for a smoke

    Haven't posted anything on here for a while, but I got the opportunity to do my first turkey on the pellet smoker over thanksgiving. It was a big 'ole 21 pounder so I was quite sure what to expect for cooking times. I spatchcocked the bird the same way I do with chickens. It tends to make the bird cook more even and also reduces the cooking time. I was going to brine it, but figured I would try something a little different.... compound butter. First off, if you don't know what compound butter is don't feel bad because I had no idea until doing some youtubing on pellet grill turkeys. Basically it is just seasoned butter. I put rosemary, thyme, sage and garlic in mine. I cut slits in the skin so that I could put the butter between the skin and the breasts/thighs. I let it sit in the fridge over night uncovered. It seems this helps to dry the skin and makes it crispier. Thanksgiving morning I drizzled some olive oil on the bird and hit is will a barrage of seasoning. As far as cooking goes, I ran it on the "smoke" setting (~170°) for about 45 min to add some flavor and then cranked it up to 375° until the breasts and thighs reached 165°, which only took about 90 minutes. Everything turned out perfect. The spatcocking really helps keep the wings and legs from drying out. The meat was very juicy and tender. The combination of the EVOO and butter helped get a perfectly crispy skin (which tends to be a problem on pellet smokers). The herbs and garlic from the compound butter could be tasted through out the bird. I know one thing for sure, it will be a long time before we make another bird in the oven! Backbone removed, splayed out, buttered up and ready for an overnight drying Olive oil on and seasoned.... ready for the smoker ALL DONE! Ready to be rested for 20 minutes, carved and served!
  21. 7 points
    eyeguy 54


    on Superior. 4 calm days camping up there.
  22. 7 points
    Jim Almquist

    Duluth Air Show 2017

    Went up on Friday to shoot while they were practicing. Did not think the weather would cooperate this weekend but strangely enough it has been almost perfect.
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    Time for a smoke

    No beverage while cooking? What? It all looks very tasty! I picked up a case of turkey legs and ended up cooking some up on the Weber kettle yesterday. Nice fall apart cuisine!
  24. 7 points

    Your Three Best Photos

    Tweaked the lighting a little on this picture but like how it turned out either way. From camping around Grand Marais last summer. Had to take a quick a break from some great topwater smallmouth fishing to take this picture. From a summer and trip I will never forget to Alaska. Not the best clarity but a combination I hadn't seen before until this spring.
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    Rick G

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    Been hitting a few different lakes the last week in search of gills that are not bedding yet. Found a small pond with some huge gills. Top one went well over 10inches, one of the most colorful gills I have ever seen. Second one is my fourth biggest gill I have ever gotten. 11in long, 5.5 in tall and fat as it could have been. Both are still swiming....hopefully to be caught again and again.
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    eyeguy 54

    Got my gal a yak

    Went to Olive Garden for dinner then out to Mayhew lake for a paddle. She loves her new yak.
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    Final resting place

    6 months later and he is home
  28. 6 points

    Piebald Deer

    Heard about this deer at a state park near me and got the time to check it out last weekend. Fortunately was able to find it walking a trail. “Face mask and long socks for the extended winter”
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    What's on the grill

    Ha, kaboobs tonight. Bacon wrapped taters and beans in the nuker.
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    Time for a smoke

    Makin' bacon! I had these in the brine for 3 weeks, dried and sprinkled garlic onion pepper and let sit in the fridge overnight. I let this smoke overnight, now in the fridge for a couple days. Sunday I'll freeze them for a couple hours and slice. One of the slabs is going to served with french toast for my wife and kids tomorrow morning.
  31. 6 points

    Time for a smoke

    First batch done, hopefully these will pair well with a cold beverage and football! Skol! Last weekends football fare, beef burnt ends, lasted about 15 min with my neighbors. I'm going to try it with pork shoulders this weekend. I'll grill up the chunks during pregame tomorrow. Skol!
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    Tagged out in nd

    I missed the biggest buck I've ever shot at a week prior, but last weekend I managed to shoot this respectable 5x4 in ND. It was the first few minutes of legal shooting time on a cloudy morning and I had to make a pretty quick decision to shoot. I thought he was bigger, but I honestly can't say I'm upset I shot him either. Tagged out in ND. Now, if I could just get one to cooperate with us so my son could get a shot. Three close calls this weekend, but no arrows flung!
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    Locking your fish house?

    If the wife and I are feeling the need to, um, do something else besides fish, we would lock the door. I THINK our lock works...
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    Christmas chicken.

    Finished product. It tasted fantastic. Crispy skin, moist,juicy breast and thighs and the combo of white oak and cherry wood gave it a great flavor.
  35. 6 points


    Long season but finally had a happy ending.
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    Jim Almquist

    Oooh Baaaacon!

    Between the frig and stove its only about 2 steps My kinda program !!!
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    Bird Feeding Newcomer

    Here's one I just built a little while back. I put sunflower seed in it. The front tray is for suet.
  38. 6 points

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    My boy Isaac with his PB(and family best) 1lb 4oz bluegill.
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    Fly by Feeding

    Happened upon a pair of swallows busy feeding their young. The adult would feed on the fly. They would buzz in, pick a chick and shove the morsel down the chick's throat before you could blink an eye. Too fast for the human eye.
  40. 6 points

    The toms are still workable

    The past week has had me having multiple close calls and missing a brute at 45 yards. Tonight I talked my dad to give it another try and there were birds in the field when we got there. Birds ended up leaving as we tried to sneak in. A short 20 minutes later they were back and we watched and worked the big group of toms and hens for more than 2 hours before we got one to commit. Dad shot him with his 20 gauge at 48 yards,(this thing shoots an awesome pattern). The 3 year old was down and only flopped a few times. Nice 1+ inch spurs, 10" beard and heavy. A good evening for sure.
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    Wild Turkey Photos

    from this years bird
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    Team 2

    Our MN hunt this year was just about as easy as they come. Sutty and I arrived at different times, he was late, and set up on opposite sides of the field as planned. I could hear the birds gobbling in the valley below in their usual spot, and they sat there a long time in the cold. Sutty couldn't see because he was on the back side of a finger of trees because he didn't want to spook anything out since he was late... Eventually they got down and proceeded to sit on the far hill for a while longer. I could see a 6 or so males, but suspected most were jakes, and a few hens. Just when I was getting tired of waiting, about 8:30am, I saw one gobbler enter the field and walk straight towards Sutty's position. As the bird got in front of Sutty, another nice gobbler came into the field. I called to him but he wanted nothing to do with me. Sutty shot the first bird, and the second one didn't know what happened. Of course Sutty came running out of his blind and scared off the second bird that he didn't even know was there. Sutty just bought a new house and had to head home asap to help his wife with packing things, and his daughter didn't seem too interested in shooting her own bird this year. Now that she saw how ridiculously easy it is she probably won't be interested next time either. I figured I should get to the edge of the field the birds were coming out on, and as I started moving my blind I bumped some hens that hadn't yet come up all the way out of the valley. I finished getting my blind in place and sat a while, but it seemed we had scared the remaining birds out of the area, or maybe they were just laying low out of the wind. In any case I went to get some lunch and let things settle down for a while. After a couple hours of eating and casting for fish that weren't there, I decided I would head back up to sit in my blind. Just as I reached the top of the hill to see into the field I saw three big gobblers walking across the field. I ducked down and ran around the edge of the field out of their view to get closer. I crawled up to about 10yd from the field edge, as far as I could go without being seen, and started calling. They liked what they heard, but wouldn't commit right away. After maybe 10 minutes of me cutting and purring, and all three of them strutting and gobbling out at 60-70 yards they started coming. I couldn't see them well through the brush I was behind, and they didn't want to walk through it. If I was at the edge of the field I could have shot them, they were within 40yd. They proceeded to do a big arc along the field edge back to where I had just walked. After a couple minutes of not seeing them I picked up my call, they gobbled, and then I saw them marching in where I had just walked. When I last saw them going this direction I had shifted to face that way, I was now facing the tree I just had my back against, which put my butt in a thorn patch and the barrel to one side of the tree. The birds started walking to the other side, so as they got behind the tree I eased the barrel to the side they were going to come out on. They started coming up the other side back to the field they were just in and were too close together for a shot. Finally one eased out in front and I let him have it. He tipped backwards and rolled back downhill, and didn't even kick until I went over to grab him. 27 yards with the range finder after the fact. Both birds turned out to be very nice old birds with long spurs. Sutty's weighted 22lb 4oz, 10" beard, 1 3/16" spurs. I believe this is his best turkey to date. My bird weighted 25lb 8oz, 10" beard, 1 1/8" spurs. My best turkey by weight and age. Sutty and his bird. Me and my bird. I shot from one of the trees above this rock I think.
  43. 6 points

    Team 4

    Got it done in mn. More to come when I get home.
  44. 6 points
  45. 6 points

    Team 4

  46. 6 points

    Team 2

    Good luck Cheetah! Ryan was able to fill his MN tag last night when a group of three jakes came into the decoy spread. Only two left! It won't do our team score any good, but it was still fun! That wrapped up the year for us. We packed up and headed home. 4/4 between MN and SD- a pretty darn good spring for us! Just a bunch of jakes, but I couldn't be happier.
  47. 5 points

    Change of seasons

    Visited the open water in the area and a lot of birds are moving through. Here are a few from the last couple weeks. As much as I like ice fishing the spring thaw and the nature that follows is a welcome site.
  48. 5 points
    I couldn't agree more. The Facebook pages are just ridiculous....all of them. Surprising to me, given the fact that people are using their real names and what not. Back when this site was popular, it was a great resource for all things hunting and fishing, and there were a lot of great friendships made. Now it is but a shell of it's former greatness, but I'd sure like for it to get back on track!
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    International Space Station

    Real nice night Monday night. International Space Station was doing a fly-by. When it topped the horizon, it was over southeast Alberta and when it crawled into the earth's shadow it was over the east edge of Wisconsin in just a little over 4 minutes. Not all of these have the same white balance setting. I messed with it to see what I liked better. The tree was light painted with a small LED flashlight. Opinions and critiques are welcome.
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    Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    Wisconsin never disappoints. Nice 1st morning tom. Poor cell service here, more later...