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Northwest Iowa Fishing reports

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    • So Del is following in Down2Earth's footsteps on Trump, good to know. Hey I will take Trump over Hillary but why vote for either of them if I don't have to, why play that game?

    • At least homeboy's doom and gloom is broken up with moments of describing how personally awesome he is.

    • Better save some of that sauce to drink while watching the Cheeto train run off the tracks.

    • Where did you get this "hero" stuff,  Dave? 

      And Trump is different in that he had never engaged in party politics either as an office holder or a candidate, unlike all the other Republican candidates.  

      And as for dumb and extreme ideas being a bad thing, I thought you supported Gary Johnson?  

      And the two party system is a fact of life, the way elections are set up in the US with the Constitutional need for a majority not just a plurality of electors.   Perhaps somehow it could be shoehorned to be a coaliton deal, if electors were free and states weren't winner take all.   But the way it is now, it is a two party deal, just like it has been for a very long time.  

      No endorsement necessary to recognize the facts. 

      As for the opposition, I never saw #nevercruz, or #neverjeb or #neverkasich... 

      So how much support should candidates have to have to be included?  You want Jill Stein as well?   How about the next half dozen down the line? 

      Why did Gary Johnson not go for the Republican nomination anyway?   Surely Big Weed would have financed his run. 

    •  Does anyone out there know if its even possible to put 2 atvs on a 6x12 anyone make some kind of deck of front to hold a wheeler I've tired every thing but know realized that i would have to pay fees and re license a new trailer which i don't want to do. If anyone knows it would be greatly appreciated!!

    • try some paint thinner it might sound harsh but it cleans and puts a shine on it also.

      of coarse try it on a corner first just to see it melts  

    • I hope they figure out the problem.   When I had that with charter here in Rochester, it turned out to be a poor job of putting the connector on the cable where it went into the house.  There was a little piece of foil shielding intermittently shorting out the cable inside the connector.  All from a half arsed job of installation in the first place.  

    • 2 hours ago, delcecchi said:

      It could be said that Trump is actually a third party candidate, who is taking on the two establishment parties one at a time rather than both at once like Gary Johnson.      Sort of like a fight against two opponents.   Take out one first then fight the other.  

      Couldn't the same be said for Cruz, Sanders, Paul and most of the other presidential candidates? Don't you always have to take on your own party first? Every candidate has to do it, nothing new here.

      2 hours ago, delcecchi said:

      Trump was pretty clearly not a part of the Republican Party establishment when he declared his candidacy.   He was opposed by all of the other candidates as well as the Party apparatus.    But now they have lost and are faced with losing their influence if they don't support the nominee.

      Again, what candidate is not opposed by all the other candidates. The reason he is so despised by the party at large is because most sane members know that he is not capable of the diplomacy necessary to do the job. 

      2 hours ago, delcecchi said:

      Gary Johnson, on the other hand, chose to go the traditional third party route and take on the whole establishment at the same time, an endeavor that is doomed.  Even Ross Perot or Ralph Nader couldn't pull it off.

      Traditional? Wouldn't the traditional way be to try to gain the nomination of the party you were a member of when you won 2 terms of Governor? I don't see what is "traditional" about going outside of a political party that would afford you much more money and influence than a 3rd party.

      2 hours ago, delcecchi said:

      It was Trump who had the the insight to realize that he could inject himself into the cluster thing that was the Republican nominating process and with his money, media savvy, and recognition get the nomination. 

      So Trump's a hero for trying to use a political organization to further his own agenda? Rand Paul has been trying to do what you are talking about but I don't see you gushing over him for it. 

      2 hours ago, delcecchi said:

      That's how it has to be done these days.   And it may have been a unique opportunity.    Next time the Republicans will probably change their process to be rigged like the Dems did after the McGovern debacle, especially if Trump loses.  


      That's how it has to be done because of the corruption of the 2 party system that you are more than happy to whole heartedly endorse.

      Face it, Trump is no hero. He's just the latest GOP candidate with dumb and extreme ideas that the party base seems to love but no one else does. 

    • Sure del. I have 2 patches and rotate. Some years a don't need to make any. It's fine. The roots just get bigger;

    • Quote

      Are you harboring the idea that Gary Johnson would mop the floor with both trump and clinton and would vault into the lead? 

      Are Trump and Clinton harboring the idea, and if not, what are they afraid of?

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