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    • 3 hours ago, sportfish said:

      Thanks for  good read ! 

      Was this your first elk trip ? 

      Yep for most in the group it was our first real trip out West, next trip will probably be mule deer, tag soup on elk hurts a lot more with how pricey those tags are.

    • I am planning to be there as well.

    • I also use the zman original chatterbait. I am a chatterbait nut. Probably one of my favorite baits to throw. The strike king pure poisons are great too but swim a little lower in the water column than the zmans. My biggest fish the past few years have usually come on a chatterbait in the spring and fall. Early spring and late fall I will use mostly a chartreuse/white chatterbait with a white super fluke as a trailer. Very subtle action on the fluke, which I love in the colder water periods. Once the water starts warming up a bite I will switch to a lake fork tackle live magic shad. I'll throw mostly the zmans candy craw with a green pumpkin lake fork magic shad. I fish these over the top and through weeds in the spring and fall and rip them if they get caught in the weeds. They also work great around docks and skipping them under docks. A few weeks ago I wish fishing a dirty lake with a great dock bite and caught about 18-19lbs off of chatterbaits by fishing them around docks and skipping them under docks. 

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    • I think we all need to keep in mind that the defense is basically the exact same group of players and coaches that were together all of last year.  They should be performing better than the offense.  Whereas, the offense has been completely reshaped during the off season and through injury.  It will take time to gel.  Also, remember the impact Diggs made last year once he was ready to play.  Zimmer just made the same comment about Treadwell not being ready yet.  Not saying he will make a huge impact, but he could provide an improvement over Johnson.  The O line needs to get it figured out.  Berger is solid, Fusco and Clemmings are improving.  Boone/Sirles and Smith need to get better quickly.

      The defense carried the team through the last two weeks, which are also the most difficult weeks with the exception of GB in GB.  They are in great shape with what appears to be a favorable schedule based on early results in the NFL.  If the offense improves and the defense remains solid, they should have a good chance to win in most games.  Not saying they will win all games, just a chance to win.  And hope it doesn't come down to a last second field goal!

    • 16 minutes ago, Bear55 said:

      They have to tell themselves something because admitting that their party and these candidates are trash is too hard for some. It's almost religious the amount of devotion some people have to these parties.

      Irrational Escalation of Commitment is certainly present - from both sides - in a major way this election cycle. I think it's odd that so many people on both Team Blue and Team Red are unwilling to admit that their party's candidate is a turd with enormous flaws that ought to disqualify them from serious consideration for office.

    • MH casting rod, braided line (w/fluoro leader if needed in clear water), grass pig or skinny dipper for a trailer. Great year-round bait...too many people think of it only as a spring/fall deal, but it will whack em all year.

    • I've been using the Strike King Pure Poison version of the chatterbait mostly because like the line attachment better.  They use a oval split ring instead of a snap that is on the Zman version.  I usually use a swim bait or a grub, for a swim bait I started using a lake fork paddle tail but it got to be too expensive, so I switched to using a havoc grass pig.  I usually use braided line with mine to prevent bite offs from Pike.

    • 46 minutes ago, rundrave said:

      I love how people claim a candidate they have been backing won. As if there is any objective value in their opinion.

      They have to tell themselves something because admitting that their party and these candidates are trash is too hard for some. It's almost religious the amount of devotion some people have to these parties.

    • 51 minutes ago, JigSawJimmy said:

      To be fair, I see the Bern crowd, huffing and puffing but more to the effect of what a joke trump is and seems a Democrat vote.

      A lot of the people that I know who were Bernie supporters seem to be leaning 3rd party at the moment.  They were supporting Bernie because they were fed up with the crapola we are normally fed and they saw it as a vote against the system.  Now that he's out of the race and we are stuck with these 2 candidates they are still on the "buck the system" trend and are leaning toward a 3rd party candidate of some sort.  We'll see how they actually vote when the time comes as the lure to vote against Trump will probably be strong with them so they may still vote Hillary despite their own objections.

      Personally the debate didn't change my opinion and I don't anticipate anything that will change my mind before the election.  I'm still planning to vote for Doogie Howser, M.D.  

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