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    • New World Order

    • 6 hours ago, Uncle Bill said:

      Where you get that B.S. from ?

      Bush signs North American trade pact Clinton says he won't renegotiate

      December 18, 1992|By Gilbert A. Lewthwaite | Gilbert A. Lewthwaite,Washington Bureau

      WASHINGTON -- President Bush signed the North American Free Trade Agreement yesterday, and his successor-in-waiting Bill Clinton immediately announced that he would not seek the treaty's renegotiation.

      Mr. Clinton, in a statement issued in Little Rock, Ark., said the signing represented "an important step" toward the economic integration of North America. He repeated his campaign assertion that there would have to be new job and environmental protections, and safeguards against sudden trade "surges," but these could be settled without renegotiating the treaty with Mexico and Canada before he submitted implementing legislation.

      "I will pursue those other things that I think need to be done in the public interest, then I will prepare implementing legislation and try to pass it in Congress," he said.


      His new administration would also take domestic action on assisting workers, protecting the U.S. environment, helping farmers, encouraging public participation in consideration of the agreement and closing loopholes for foreign workers, he said.

      "I believe these steps do not require renegotiation of NAFTA," said Mr. Clinton, promising to work closely with the two neighboring governments and with congress to "move this process forward."

      By putting his name to the pact that will open the borders of the United States, Mexico and Canada to a market of 360 million consumers with a joint annual output worth $8 trillion, Mr. Bush took some of the heat from the agreement's critics off the president-elect.

      "I think probably Bill Clinton is relieved that Bush signed it today," said Thea Lee, trade expert at the labor-backed Economic Policy Institute. "Clinton is on record as saying he does not want to renegotiate the basic agreement. Now Bush has tied that up for him but has left him quite a bit of room for maneuver in drafting implementation legislation."



      Following diplomatic negotiations dating back to 1990 among the three nations, U.S. President George H. W. Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Mexican President Carlos Salinas, each responsible for spearheading and promoting the agreement, ceremonially signed the agreement in their respective capitals on December 17, 1992.[5] The signed agreement then needed to be ratified by each nation's legislative or parliamentary branch.


      5 hours ago, delcecchi said:

      Just for reference, Clinton was elected in 1992 and took office in January 1993. 



    • I'm saying be more aware then the average "well my doc says" person. Also educate yourself on the human body a little bit. Not saying that you can cure cancer but going to a doctor and walking out with a bottle of pills isn't always in your best interest. 

      I'm glad you know surgery will fix things and not create additional issues, cause severing tissue never has a backlash.

      Insinuate much though, wow.

    • #1 - No clue. I assume that if you get to the point on the ice that you need more fluid that you are prob SOL anyway...

      #2 - I thought the same thing and found a ladder online that works great.


      #3 - I had some made up and put on the door

      #4 - Whatever fits the bill

      #5 - Can't go wrong with the Honda, but I broke outside of the mold and went with the BLUE Powerhorse from Northern Tool and couldn't be happier. I am cautiously optimistic on how long it will last.... I guess we will see




      #6 - I just put in a new BOSS system that I got cheap off of Amazon and couldn't be happier. The blue tooth feature works well for running the TV audio through the radio without having to use cords.

      #7 - I have an under the cabinet holder that I picked up cheap, but never leave the rods in there while going down the road. The only ones that I would probably leave rods in while going down the road is the vertical PVC-style



      Edited by rl_sd
    • You take a trip to the city lights
      And take the long way home

      Last week’s torrential rains provided a real test for the scurs and the Weather Eye. Will our break come soon or will we continue breaking records? Starting Wednesday, sunny with highs in the low 60’s and lows in the mid-40’s. Thursday, mostly sunny with highs in the mid-60’s and lows in the upper 40’s. Mostly sunny Friday with highs in the upper 60’s and lows in the upper 40’s. Saturday, mostly sunny with highs in the upper 60’s and lows in the low 50’s. Mostly sunny on Sunday with a slight chance of an evening shower or thunderstorms. Highs in the low 70’s with lows in the mid-50’s. Monday, partly sunny with modest chance of a shower or thunderstorm.  Highs in the low 70’s with lows in the low 50’s. Partly sunny becoming mostly cloudy for Tuesday with a chance of showers and thunderstorms.  Highs in the low 70’s with lows in the low 50’s. The normal high for October 1st is 67 and the normal low is 43. Now that the flood waters have subsided, they will be confined to swimming in their own backyard.

      What a weather week last week turned out to be. Early harvest activity came to a screeching halt as heavy rains raked the area in the overnight hours of the 21st and 22nd. At the ranch the storm total was 5.42” although .35” had fallen the day prior. Another .55” followed over the weekend. In town it was even more generous with 7.91” of rain falling on the 21st and 22nd, being supplemented with another .47” over the weekend. It’s just wet all over as of this writing and while sunny, breezy, low humidity conditions prevailed on Monday, the temperatures only reached the mid-60’s after starting out in the in mid-40’s. Not a rapid drying day although at least it wasn’t raining. Some crop remains in standing water after everyone had been banking on no holes in fields due to a near storybook growing season in terms of rainfall locally. There will be some loss in those areas due to crop unable to be recovered mechanically and perhaps some damage to the grain itself.

      The rains probably left their most noticeable mark in area towns where flooding caused road closures, evacuations as well as business and school closures. It became extremely difficult to get around with all the road closures with the flooding of 2010 already being a distant memory. As it turned out, we were more fortunate this time around. Rainfall in the eastern part of the Le Sueur River watershed was less than it was in 2010 allowing waters to recede perhaps a little more quickly. Some were quick to point that it was drier in 2010 so this episode should’ve been worse. However, when it rains with the kind of intensity that it did in either event, the water isn’t going to infiltrate these soils very rapidly. If anything this time the already full soil moisture profile in the top 5’probably allowed surface runoff to occur at even a little more rapid pace than in 2010.

      After the storm at the ranch there was some debris to pick up in the yard but not to the degree those in town had to deal with. That said, it was time to attempt to fish the vine crops in the garden out of the mud before they started to rot. It was extremely wet to say the least. The Gator left some nasty ruts but at least the gourds, squash and a few pumpkins were salvaged. Most of the Indian corn also made it into some buckets so fall decorating can commence once and for all. Be nice if it dried up before attempting to harvest corn stalks for the corn shock. Getting stuck harvesting the garden would be a little embarrassing.

      The sheep have made some contribution to the decorating cause as well. The leftover gourds, squash, pumpkins, etc., from the year before find their way over the pasture fence. Some of the seeds in turn manage to make their way into the soil. The vines then became huge this summer with all the rain and warmth. The sheep do a good job of keeping the stuff weeded. Only trouble with the sheep is if there’s something out there you might want to use for decorating, best claim it before they decide it’s time to start eating it. It’s too late when you look out at the vines and it suddenly looks like a stampeding herd of elephants has trampled them.

      Alas it appears we may have seen the last of the hummingbirds at the ranch for the year as of the 21st. They apparently were getting out while the getting was good ahead of the storm. They’ve suddenly been replaced by the marauding group of giant blue jays that shows up in the fall. There were eight of them hopping from limb to limb, making them bend downward with each movement they made. The jays gobbled down the ear corn and greedily helped themselves to the sunflower seeds. For the time being the goldfinches are back to being their nomadic selves again. Just a smattering of them now versus a few weeks ago. In all likelihood, there is an abundance of seed that should be ripe in the CRP so that’s probably where some of them are spending their time.

      And finally, fall along with the wet weather has caused some of the four-footed critters to start moving about looking for places to hole up for winter. On Sunday morning we smelled strong skunk odor in the barn when we did chores. Then after playing in the Studebaker much of the day, upon our return Mrs. Cheviot came to the house with news that a skunk was sleeping under the trailer. I quickly loaded my trusty blunderbuss and trod barn-wards to do battle with the stinky striped squatter. Found it in a good spot where it was easy to dispatch and then dispose of the body. One thing about it, if you’re a skunk, raccoon or a possum, odds of your living to a ripe old age are pretty slim at the ranch.

      See you next week…real good then.  

    • 8 hours ago, Bear55 said:

      This is true until the day we change it, if you keep giving your votes to these fools then yes you deserve it. Instead of making a 100 excuses to vote the same way over and over why not try something different. Don't give me some fear based talk about the lesser of two evils and keeping so or so out, that doesn't work any more.

      Wow one minute your making sense realizing at this moment in time there are 2 choices of candidates that can win and talking about voting for one of them.  The next minute your asking Carlos, Dingle, and Dave for a tinfoil hat.  

    • 7 hours ago, PurpleFloyd said:

      The Constitution is a fantasy to JV as well

      Troll much?

    • Gary Johnson plans on bringing in a sack of Panama Red and opening the boarders to all planets.    

      Of course that is after Weld has shielded his life long friend Hillary from sniper fire.

    • Found 8 hens around one tree today.  A bit past prime, but I've got coordinates saved for next year.  Here's pics of a walk around the tree: