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    • Do either of them catch crappies? LOL Great to read your post....hope all is well...need to hit the old stomping grounds this ice season!  


      And great timing on the subject of Tea...I've pretty much given up on coffee since I tend to load it up with flavored creamer so non-sweetened herbal Tea in diff flavors has become my new cold weather me some of that labrador and wintergreen.

    • I was somewhat curious as to the origins of the term "bad hombre" and was able to gain a little insight here:


      (Oxford English Dictionary) 
      Chiefly U.S. 
      [Sp.; cf. OMBRE.] 
      A man of Spanish descent; by extension, a man. 
      1846 S. S. MAGOFFIN Down Santa Fé Trail (1926) 93 Not only the children, but..hombres (men) swarmed around me like bees. 1851 N. KINGSLEY Diary 2 Feb. (1914) 172 had a fine sing in the evening with three or four other ‘hombres’. 

      February 1893, Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine, “Among the Diggers of Thirty Years Ago” by Helen M. Carpenter, pg. 153: 
      Hoping to learn something of their religious belief, I have asked many questions, but the only information elicited was that there is a “Good Hombre” above, and a “Bad Hombre” down in the earth; that good Indians go up, and bad ones go down; and then they invariably confessed their ignorance of the whole matter in the simple sentence, “No hay sabe me.” 

      22 June 1896, Los Angeles Times, “Los Angeles Woman Killed by Heat in Phoenix,” pg. 9: 
      On his return to the livery stable, Brawley remarked: “I’m a bad hombre.” 

      20 July 1898, Arizona Republican (Phoenix, AZ), pg. 3, col. 2: 
      A Mexican went on the warpath at a ranch near the Solomonville depot last Tuesday and proceeded to carve a woman with a corn knife. Sam Watson was at the depot at the time and gathered in the “bad hombre.” 

      3 December 1903, Weekly Arizona Republican (Phoenix, AZ), pg. 7, col. 3: 
      The sheriff did remember the prisoner, however, and said that he had been here two or three years ago, and was “a bad hombre.” 

      17 July 1905, Arizona Republican (Phoenix, AZ), pg. 8, col. 2: 
      But the proper thing to do of course is not to have anything to do with the blowfly, for he is a bad hombre. 

      28 November 1911, Los Angeles Times, “Fast Rounds Show Men Fir for Great Fist Play,” pg. III1: 
      He has met every exigency of his career with some new punch or style and for this reason is counted a bad hombre. 

      8 January 1918, Los Angeles Times, pg I6: 
      We all stepped politely aside, everyone but Tad, who leaped forward and nailed the tough hombre so decisively that the latter’s efficiency was sadly impaired for the rest of the day. 

      22 February 1919, Oakland (CA) Tribune, pg. 10, col. 6: 
      Mr. Knock-Out Kruvosky wants more time to train for a tough hombre like Battling Ortega so the pair will not meet at the local auditorium until one week from next Wednesday, according to announcement made by Matchmaker Tommy Simpson last night. 

      8 March 1921, Washington Post, pg. 4, col. 6: 
      One of O. Henry’s most appealing stories, presented as the latest Goldwyn starring vehicle for Jack Pickford, under the title “A Double-Dyed Deceiver,” is the main attraction of the photo-dramatic portion of the program. The story tells of the Llano Kid, known throughout Texas as a “bad hombre.” 

      28 December 1925, Los Angeles Times, pg. 11: 
      This gentleman of pugilistic parts will not have things his own way, however, for Farr is one tough hombre. 

      14 July 1926, Nevada State Journal (Reno, NV), pg. 5, col. 1: 
      This fighter with the tough moniker is one tough hombre and it looks like Johnny will have his hands full. 


    • We've got some bad hombres here, for sure...


      bad hombres.jpg

    • Thanks!


      Waiting out the last couple hours after pretty much driving all day.  Mid day there were quite a few heading for the gate.  I know 1 eight was taken this morning.


      I talked to another group that had similar numbers to us but they didn't drop the sting either.  We're still waiting on a legend I guess.

    • Read about a guy yesterday who was convicted or raping his 12 year old daughter over an extended period of time.  He was given a long sentence 25 years or so but he'll only serve 60 days of it of which 17 he has already served during the trial.  As long as he adheres to his probation he'll only serve an additional 43 days in prison. 


      Not sure how these guys keep walking away from rape convictions with such minor sentences. 

      Edited by nofishfisherman
    • 4 hours ago, Uncle Bill said:


      "Build a wall"..

      Good idea ?

      Bad idea ?

      That's debatable.


      Want to stump a liberal ?

      Ask them what is hillary's plan to control illegal immigration ?

      I'm not a liberal to anyone but big dave and swampy, but I know this one.   Steal Gary Johnson's thunder and make all immigrants past, present, and future legal.  Open Borders.  Voila, no more illegal immigrants.  


      Easy Peasy

    • On the other hand, I suspect that Hillary will have a good chance of delivering on her campaign promises because both parties seem to be fine with higher taxes, increased spending, endless wars, etc.

      3 hours ago, Uncle Bill said:


      "Build a wall"..

      Good idea ?

      Bad idea ?

      That's debatable.


      The question that was being asked was not if it was a good or bad idea but whether he could get it accomplished.


      3 hours ago, Uncle Bill said:


      Want to stump a liberal ?

      Ask them what is hillary's plan to control illegal immigration ?


      Want to stump a Trumpster?

      Ask them what Trump's plan is on any issue other than illegal immigration.

      Then ask them why they think illegal immigration is such an important issue all of a sudden.

    • The Snowmobile is ready to go! :)



    • 9 hours ago, swamptiger said:


      What's the point in making promises they can't live up to then?


      You could ask that of any presidential candidate.


      I will have to give Hillary some credit in this issue though because I did notice that (at least in the latest debate) she uses verbiage like" I will advocate for ____" rather than speaking in absolutes like Trump. Trump says he "will" build a wall but I guarantee that even if by some miracle he became president, he would NOT be able to get that campaign promise fulfilled.