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Wisconsin Park Events

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    • With that being said, it's no surprise it's in deep water.


      Just like it's no surprise Arizona is having the highest jump and least insurers in the marketplace. 


      God knows how down there in death valley how the system was manipulated.


      When it comes to people the ACA is no different then the Wallstreet housing crisis. 


      A meatball was served up, society put it in the stands.

    • 55 minutes ago, Archerysniper said:


      Not sure why it's upside down,if I have time I will play with it tomorrow. 


      Here ya go. Freeking cell phones!  He's a dandy! :)


    • OK, I will defer to you since you know.  I figured since your picture was ignored that somehow that wasn't the right one.   So I took a whack at it. 


      Maybe next time.....

    • Returning to "crooked Hillary"   saw this on CNN site...




      (CNN)Republican Sen. Rand Paul said on Wednesday that polls showing Hillary Clinton with a lead over Donald Trump are "designed to suppress turnout."

      The Kentucky senator, who is ahead in surveys for his own re-election bid, was asked on, "The Tom Roten Morning Show," an 800 WVHU West Virginia radio program, about Clinton's national polling lead when he made the comment.

      "You know, I think sometimes polling is done to dampen election turnout so when Trump says the thing's rigged, I'm not sure exactly what he means and I'm not sure I always agree with him," Paul said. "But I do think that when we say over and over someone can't win that is a form of rigging in the sense that it is designed to suppress turnout."

      (more at link)


    • Go straight to a farmer. 56 pounds per bushel of corn. Under $3 per bushel right now.


    • Beautiful, congratulations archerysniper. 

    • I am not sure if it is purely higher deer numbers.  But we certainly have higher hunter density per deer.   Add on top of that, we have a less selective tradition in Minnesota.  Hunters here are less likely to pass small bucks than many other states.  Right or wrong I personally don't care what others chose to shoot it Thier hunt.

      I too, felt the same way as you about being able to shot one with each license.  Overtime I came to change my mind, I just don't believe it would be wise.

    • 20161026_220704.jpg

      Not sure why it's upside down,if I have time I will play with it tomorrow. 

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    • 1 hour ago, Jim Uran said:

      Hey thanks for asking, I have pics on my girl friend's phone. These two particular teas are easily identified with a simple google search... Ughhh that's not I like to roll though. Future posts will definitely have pics. 


      With the wintergreen tea.. AKA checkerberry, teaberry, or wintergreen berry, it grows in old red pine and white pine areas. It grows the best in any area you find blueberry plants. It is a small evergreen plant that doesn't grow off the ground too high. It has thick dark green leaves, usually 4 or 5 petals to a plant, red berries maybe one or two to a plant. These berries are edible, no sickness involved and they were a prized food for the anishinaabe people. 


      Swamp tea or Labrador tea doesn't have any look a likes either, the soft velvety under belly of the leaves is unmistakable when on the hunt for this tea IN it's element. This also is an evergreen. You'd be best searching around tamarack bogs, any high area in a tamarack bog holds the proper biome.


      If you have any doubts, just plop a picture on this thread and we can compare notes. 

      This Jim? 

      Labrador Tea and wintergreen berry below.



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    • I can't believe any one of these people were baiting but Fleet in Brainerd must have sold 3 pallets worth just today. :cool: I'm sure there just doing it to help the herd get fat before the winter..

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