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    • 5 hours ago, swamptiger said:


      Obama had the same schpiel before he was elected.  


      Of course, we know he lied.




      All tax changes originate in the house of representatives. The president at best can suggest tax changes, but none can actually be implemented anywhere other than the House of Representatives. So when Trump was on his "you had 30 years to close the loopholes" rant, he never stopped to think that in those 30 years Hillary Clinton has never held a single position that could make changes to this countries tax code. Nor would she have that power as President anyway, other than to veto any changes made at the House level. Do we forget the vast majority of "governing" is performed at the House of Representatives level? If the house isn't on board, nothing gets done: which is why last sessions Congress was the least productive one in the history of the country.

    • On 10/19/2016 at 6:41 AM, Uncle Bill said:


      Two people fired in the last two days for rigging elections.

      Both working on behalf of clinton campaign.

      Not to mention debbie waserman poopz and the DNC rigging the primary. :blush:


      "This just never happens"


      Did you read what I said at all? You brought up election fraud, not voter fraud. Those are separate crimes. Voter fraud doesn't happen, but that is the one Trump and Republicans go after. Election fraud does happen, but that isn't the type of fraud Trump is talking about. Turning off the valve to the kitchen sink doesn't do any good when the bathtub faucet is leaking. Trump doesn't even know what problem to go after, much less how it should be solved.


      On 10/19/2016 at 11:11 AM, delcecchi said:


      Got it.  No evidence.   Just Podesta talking points.

      So at least 3 out of the 4 videos were in fact correct, but were "against the rules". 


      I'm sure Mr. O'Keefe's "Project Veritas" is completely unbiased and totally not influenced at all by the donation Project Veritas received from a charitable organization known as the Trump Foundation. Oops, really a shame the Trump Foundation was ordered to stop soliciting funds and submit it's paperwork, otherwise that may have gone unnoticed.

    • Hello i have been building a fish house this past year when ive had time. I have enjoyed looking at all of your builds throughout the year getting ideas and ways on going about certain things. But now as i am finishing up the interior, i am asking for advice from all of you on counter tops, colors, and my plans/ideas.

      Darker or Lighter stain for walls/ceiling- i dont want it too dark, but if i choose a darker stain, id want to have lighter colored accents such as counter tops?

      Counter tops- do most make their own with laminate or buy pieces of counter top on sale in stores? Im thinking i will have to make my own.

      I like to hear everyones 2 cents because you may see something i missed and others have much more experience with building fish houses.

      I built a 8x12 plus 3' V. This is my first house so some things could have been planned better and done differently but im designing and learning as I go.

      I wont have a better more recent picture until later tomorrow so i made a rough sketch.

      1468381775979.jpgfish house1.pngfish house2.png

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    • .



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    • Google never lies :grin:


      Send it to Soros, he is the one who decides what things the common folk are supposed to be outraged over.

    • 3 hours ago, BrittC said:


      I have the skills and software to do 3-D layouts so my thought was to work with customer on layout and they can see it in a 3-D world to hopefully have the customer enjoy the house with no regrets.  

      This can be a 2 edged sword. 

      I am a cabinetmaker and introduced 3d design to my area on a laptop back in the late 90's. It was perfect for a long time but now customers look around at other sites and if they are not given limits the design process can sometimes eat up as much labor as the production process. My experience has led me to tell my clients that I offer as much design expertise as they are willing to pay for. I will do an initial design and then allow them to review it. They only get a 3d with no dimensions and any more they need to agree to pay for the design time that I provide and when they sign off, that ends up being part of the total contract.


      If you start to offer free design you will run into people who either chew up all your time and then take your design to the guy who will do it for cheaper because he doesn't have the investment into the cad part and doesn't put the time into the design or you will get the DIY crowd who uses you to design their house for free and then they will build off your plans. That's just life and you probably see it already in your regular business. 


      Good luck if you decide to proceed. The industry needs good businesses in it.

    • I was there today for a while and saw 3 deer. Unfortunatly all 3 were when I was driving but were all small does. Numbers of hunters and campers looked way down and not sure how long the line was as I drove up this morning and arrived after the line was gone and drove right in. Not sure when they put in the solar grid as I wasn't there last year but it is massive. Must be selling power off of that as I don't think they need that much power there.

    • 27 minutes ago, PurpleFloyd said:

      Looks like he got the death sentence


      Sorry, different guy.  Yours died in 2015 and was named pierre Steven williams.  The (alleged) rapist was doing his thing in April 2016 and is named Steven pierre  williams. 


      Nice try, though.

    • As soon as I posted that they turned it around lol. That #88 is pretty darn impressive out of the backfield.