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#1579017 - 11/02/08 08:09 PM
Snow and deer movement
MUSKY18 Offline
Sr HSOList.com Family

Registered: 01/25/07
Posts: 1785
Loc: Sauk Centre, MN
Just checked the forecast for the hunting area and it is supposed to snow a few of the days. My question is will the deer continue to move during the snow or will they hunker down and sit tight until after the snow stops falling? THe forecast says snow showers, so I am assuming that it won't be an intense storm.


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#1579027 - 11/02/08 08:16 PM
Re: Snow and deer movement [Re: MUSKY18]
Tippman Offline
Sr HotSpotOutdoors.com Family

Registered: 08/03/06
Posts: 1197
Loc: St.Cloud, Mn
I've always done well when hunting during snow. In fact it's my favorite time to be hunting I think.
#1579133 - 11/02/08 09:38 PM
Re: Snow and deer movement [Re: Tippman]
harvey lee Offline
HSO Legacy Member

Registered: 12/01/05
Posts: 32372
Loc: SC MN
I love hunting in the snow. With only a few inches coming it should not slow their movement down.

When a larger system comes in, I find that day before to be awesome as the deer will be feeding heavy.

You may believe the grass is greener on the other side. If you take the time to water yours, it would be just as green.

#1579203 - 11/03/08 04:28 AM
Re: Snow and deer movement [Re: harvey lee]
tunrevir Offline
HotSpotOutdoors Specialist

Registered: 06/11/05
Posts: 3803
Loc: Forest Lake, Mn.
Like others have said, it depends on the amount of snow and how windy it gets as the front passes through. Right before and right after it snows or rains heavily the deer will be up to feed and food sources can be a great spot to sit. I like hunting with a light coating of snow as it makes it really easy to spot movement in the heavy brushy areas.
#1579237 - 11/03/08 06:01 AM
Re: Snow and deer movement [Re: tunrevir]
brassman Offline
Sr HotSpotOutdoors.com Family

Registered: 05/04/06
Posts: 362
I love deer hunting in the snow! Deer can be seen further away as long as there is snow on the ground and if its not coming down like the mega strorm then they should move just the same if not better since it is cool enough not impede movement unlike todays 70 degree forcast. I shot my first deer in sleet/snow. Something magical about the woods when snow is falling.
#1579732 - 11/03/08 11:30 AM
Re: Snow and deer movement [Re: brassman]
Piker Offline
Sr HotSpotOutdoors.com Family

Registered: 12/26/00
Posts: 468
Loc: Brooks
I think everything about deer hunting just seems a little better with temps in the 20's and some snow.

To me it seems like the deer move more, they are certainly easier to see and you're right there is something a little magical with some snow flakes falling. You get back to the shack and the coffee tastes a little warmer, the stories seem a little better and it makes deer hunting a lot more fun.
#1579747 - 11/03/08 11:39 AM
Re: Snow and deer movement [Re: Piker]
Neighbor_guy Offline
Sr HSO Family

Registered: 12/18/07
Posts: 2744
Loc: N. Anoka Co.
The day of every hunt, I pray for a good safe hunt.

The night before every hunt, I pray for snow. grin

...."I am haunted by waters "....

#1581418 - 11/04/08 11:16 AM
Re: Snow and deer movement [Re: Neighbor_guy]
JustLOVEit Offline
HSOShow.com Family

Registered: 07/23/07
Posts: 168
In all my time hunting when it snow or when there is snow. The deer will still move but just later in the day then normal. If its really cold then they will move sometime in the afternoon.

If its a blizard, they will not move unless they are spooked. I've notice that deer will not move around when there site or noise isn't working to there adventage.
#1581433 - 11/04/08 11:28 AM
Re: Snow and deer movement [Re: JustLOVEit]
pinkfloyd4ever Offline
Sr HSOList.com Family

Registered: 06/03/08
Posts: 2227
Loc: St. Paul, MN
I 2nd Tunrevir's post

Let's go with the flow, wherever it goes
We're more than alive

Me with Roger Waters of Pink Floyd 5/5/12
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